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Coach Schiano may have feared the turtle, but now the name of the game is honesty.

"I guess, yeah, you'd say he did," Schiano said. "I used the 'C-word': concussion. He had a concussion."

Which renders a lot of claims and speculation from the past week and a half as ridiculous in retrospect. That dog and pony show was absolutely dishonest...and par for the course in the coaching profession. Otherwise, this is being handled in absolutely the right way, especially in light of recent NFL research on the correlation between football and brain injuries. Get healthy Tom, and come back soon if at all possible. Savage could use the reps against Texas Southern, but that's one game that he can afford to miss. The same goes for George Johnson, and the other injured players.

Yup, it's a boring week, but you can always count on Aditi to parse out little notes in the margin. Timothy Brown would like to stop calling him "Timmy", thank you very much.

The Big East will receive approximately $2 million dollars each year for sending a team to the Yankee Bowl. That's a higher payout than expected, but the matchup is still extremely disappointing, as is the appeal of playing a bowl in cold weather. That Newsday story makes it sound like the Yankees paid a premium to get this off the ground. In contrast, the Champs Bowl reportedly will pay $2.4 million dollars.

If you don't click all the random links in my recruiting updates, you may have missed this story about MSG's Mike Quick playing scout for the Rutgers football program. Your move, SNY.

Clark Harris is back with the Texans. Eric Foster is off to another good start in Indianapolis, and could see time at DE and even LB with Dwight Freeney hurting. Injuries in Tennessee's secondary may press Jason McCourty into action sooner than expected.

Mike Teel's latest task in Seattle is to mimic Peyton Manning for the scout team. Say what you will about Teel, but there's no doubt that he matches Manning and Tom Brady when it comes to smarts and work ethic, which makes him an ideal fit as a simulator.

The news that Dick Codey will apparently lose his presidency of the State Senate is somewhat of a blow to the Rutgers athletic department and football program. I'm not thrilled with RU alum Ray Lesniak at the moment.

RU prof: boroughitis, too many overlapping municipal services to blame for excessive NJ property taxes. However, towns are reluctant to jump into municipal mergers.