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Bye week miscellania

7:30 pm update: Wordpress jarbled several of the links today. Hopefully they are fixed.

Anyone else suddenly happy that the Big East asked to move the TSU game? Time to heal up.

This Maryland blog has a lot of good, high-res pictures from the game on Saturday. Recommended.

Kenny Britt had a decent performance against the Jets on Sunday. He did drop a crucial catch on the last Tennessee drive, although it would have been a difficult one. The Titan PR Ryan Mouton didn't play well, so that could be an opening for Jason McCourty to play more. With Tennessee's injuries in the secondary, Jason has his hands full as it is, which is probably why Mouton stayed in the game. The Titans aren't bad, but have been snakebitten to this point.

Are the Jets souring on Vernon Gholston? Surprisingly, Jamaal Westerman was inactive for the Titans game. Might have been his lingering injury from last week?

Ray Rice scored his first touchdown of his career Monday as Baltimore slaughtered a hapless Cleveland team. Rice is still sharing touches with a resurgent Willis McGahee, as both are playing well. Very much a Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones-Drew vibe going on there.

Thanks to posters on Rivals for the link to the video of Brian Leonard's clutch fourth down catch (at the end) to beat the Steelers. Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer were understandably pleased. Honestly, is there anyone else you could imagine going to over Leonard when a game is absolutely on the line? As the man of the hour himself put it:

"I always look five yards beyond the sticks, because I know if I get there I've got the first down," he said.

With Palmer's receivers blanketed, his options dwindling, the quarterback checked down to his safety valve, who caught the football, broke a tackle, lunged for the extra yardage — "Extra effort," said Leonard. "That grinder mentality." — and picked up the first down.

Corey Chandler was dismissed from the Binghamton team. Well then. Don't really care to speculate about something that I know very little about. Also overlooked last week was Fooch's interview with Coach Hill (video).

"Second Chance U", mentioned here yesterday, is now available online to ESPN Insider subscribers. Usually don't plug premium stories, but I thought some readers may be interested.

Anyone remember the time that Rutgers tied Florida in the swamp back in the mid-eighties? It's NOT a good excuse to leave a concussed quarterback in the game however. Aditi had a good post on this very topic yesterday. The names "Ted Johnson", "Kyle Turley", and "Andre Waters" should be enough to warrant any excessive levels of caution when the brain or neurological system is involved. Definitively not something that you can just throw some dirt on. Any reflexive backlash to criticism of Urban Meyer for leaving Tebow in the game is coming from know-nothings who don't at all grasp how serious head injuries can be in both the short and long term.

Random factoid of the day - Dolphins HC Tony Sparano uses assistant Darren Rizzi to review replay challenges.

Coach Demo is off to a rough start at Hudson Catholic.

On Pres. McCormick's speech last week:

As recently as 1990 the state supported about 70 percent of the educational costs of a Rutgers student. That figure has fallen to about 40 percent, according to McCormick.
Among the ways to raise money, McCormick SAID, is to increase the out-of-state student population, and further grow revenue from online and off-campus programs, increasing from $20.5 million today to about $65 million in five years.

Jim Willse is stepping down as the Star-Ledger's editor, and will be replaced by a Rutgers grad with a sports background (which is not to imply that coverage will change). Willse notoriously stuck by Margolin and Sherman last year. He had been focusing a lot on reducing costs at the paper. Any critics of Advance's recent business decisions can always peruse the archives at Jim Carty's blog.