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Watching the game

First, a bit of good news for students on campus.

The Rutgers game Saturday against Maryland can be viewed by on-campus residents on RUTV channel 8, where they will stream the ESPN360 broadcast.
"The ESPN360 feed on TV may have some minor flaws, but it will help people avoid bandwidth issues," RUTV assistant director of broadcast operations Brent Smith said. "It should also make it available more easily in common areas. We’re really grateful to the folks at ESPN for understanding our situation and being willing to allow this special coverage on campus."

Anyone else, well...

That's a map of cable providers in the state. I believe that Verizon DSL is available everywhere, and their FiOS service is offered in some locales. Be sure to click the link for detailed information. Comcast and Verizon offer ESPN 360 (as does Rutgers and other universities) as part of their high speed internet services, while Cablevision/Optimum and Time Warner, among others, do not.

If you do have Comcast or Verizon, I highly recommend going to today and configuring the video player, so you won't have to worry about it on Saturday.

Otherwise, your options are limited. The best is probably 360's Remote Access feature, as recommended by this Rivals thread. (edit: The short of it is that you'll need a Comcast or Verizon user to create an account for you, see comments below).

I have at home, but don't have access now. What should I do?

Customers of ESPN360's affiliated internet providers can see all the events on from any high-speed connection using the Remote Access feature! While on your home connection, log into your account, then head to and click on REMOTE ACCESS/GET ACCESS. You will be prompted to sync your account to activate the feature. Then, when you're away from home, just log into and you'll be able to see the 3,000+ yearly events on!

Verizon Customers: Log into your Verizon Surround account anytime for access to You will need your Verizon username and password in order to log in and begin watching

Comcast Customers: Log into your account anytime for access to You will need your username and password in order to log in and begin watching

Between that and setting up the video player, it may be daunting for the less computer literate out there. As suggested by a poster on Rivals, this may not be a huge hassle though. I have Comcast, and it lets you create multiple email addresses per account. Anyone with a working Rutgers id/password can also set up a VPN to access 360.

You can also go to campus, or to a bar that has 360 and sets up a feed into a television. Or, you'll have to make due with the murkier aspects of the internet. You can try playing around with .edu domain proxies, but a quick search on Google suggests they aren't too successful. The PlanetLab ones were blacklisted, and I suspect the newer popular ones will soon get a similar treatment. Again, while not too difficult to set up, they can be confusing if you're not tech savvy, and I won't be providing any assistance with anything mentioned here.

As a last resort, you may end up considering streaming sites. These are less of a gray area than proxies, being absolutely, positively illegal. If you're going down this route, use protection (i.e., only click on sites from Firefox, and have a spyware killer handy), and be ready for a grainy, unwatchable picture if it even works. Only for the desperate. I highly, highly recommend the "find a friend to create an email address/password" approach.