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Shell Shock

Sorry. I chose staying up late for Giants/Cowboys on Sunday night over posting anything yesterday, and then not getting in last night until late didn't help matters.. Now, I have to catch up with everything else from the past two days (and, a special thank you to the jerk who spoiled Sunday's episode of Mad Men). I really need to send in my Maryland Q's, and do a writeup of what's up with ESPN 360. Maybe later.

Tom Savage: "I feel good." Okay, but what matters is what your doctors think (if there's anythinkg to think about. No one's saying.) To reiterate: concussions (if one even occurred), are not worth taking risks with. At all.

New weekly presser is up (video). Haven't had time to watch.

Maryland's injured players are questionable for returning by this weekend.

Eh, it's not like Steve Politi made any bad points in his last column about Coach Schiano, but it's easy to write a fawning column before the pads come on, and be critical in times of adversity.

Courtney Greene has resurfaced with the Jacksonville Jaguars, on their regular roster even, not the practice squad. Guess he's finally healthy, because there's no reason why he wasn't good enough to be on a NFL roster. Seattle's loss. The Jaguars waived receiver Nate Hughes, and Troy Williamson is injured, so it's worth watching what they do there. As will be Seattle, where QB Matt Hasselbeck is banged up, although they likely wouldn't through Teel into the fire this year.

Since I wrote that paragraph, major props to Kevin Devaney this morning for nailing the Greene story down.

It was a decent day for Ray Rice on Sunday. Willis McGahee isn't going away without a fight.

Thanks to random Rivals poster that I forgot for linking Brian Leonard's weekly diary from Rutgers Magazine. I'll try to remember to keep up with this.

It was a rough game for CPE and Rhode Island against UMass.

Brian Kelly, will you go far away from the Big East? Please?

If anyone remembers my June post about rising tuition and the collegiate facilities race (which closely mirrors recent spending trends in college athletics), the Record (specifically, Patricia Alex, who seems to be on the ball when not writing hack pieces about the RU athletic department) takes a look at the risks facing New Jersey universities as they take on more debt to expand school facitilies.

School leaders say they've been waiting for a game plan — consistent capital and operating money from Trenton — for more than two decades. The last statewide capital bond issue for higher education was in 1988.

"There's been no state investment," said Paul Shelly of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities. "So it's not a great puzzle that we're in the situation we're in."

Mt. Zoffinger lost a key legal battle recently. As far as the other proposed unnecessary regional monuments to excess go, there were reports last week about selling the Nets to a Russian billionaire.