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Watching the scoreboard

A few scores of note from around the week in college football:

Miami 33, Georgia Tech 17. Talent wins out, eventually. Their head coach Randy Shannon has such a compelling story that you can't help but root for him to succeed on an individual level (and, I don't have any particular animosity towards the Canes). Mark Whipple also happens to be a terrific offensive coordinator.

Kentucky 31, Louisville 27. Victor Anderson is still Victor Anderson, and Scott Long saw fit to make his yearly cameo appearance. Rough break losing this one. The Big East could have used the OOC victory. These close losses have a bad way of snowballing.

Clemson 25, Boston College 7. Have to admit, I smiled reading that score. Unlike with Miami and Virginia Tech, I loathe BC, and wish for them to lose every game, even when they play hated Notre dame.

Florida 23, Tennessee 13. Say, what? How was this that close? Guess I'm voting Alabama #1. Florida may have the best roster, but they're not firing on all cylinders at the moment.

Notre Dame 33, Michigan State 30. Losing Michael Floyd for the year is a rough blow to overcome. Not otherwise notable, except as evidence that the Domers aren't that good, and have profound issues on defense.

Washington 16, USC 13. Not all to surprising. USC customarily loses at least one Pac-10 conference a year. Washington, under Ty Willingham, was a decent team coached by an inept, bumbling fool. They had the roster personnel in place for an immediate turnaround. Jake Locker is truly that good.

UConn 30, Baylor 22. Why on earth were all the pundits picking Baylor to win this one? Made no sense at all.

Pittsbugh 27, Navy 14. Way to finally get the ball to Baldwin, fellas.

Cincinnati 28, Oregon State 18. AND Jacquizz Rodgers played. Well done, well done. Keep winning, and make our loss look better in retrospect, please.

USF 59, CSU 0. Down goes Grothe to an ACL injury, late enough in the season that he won't be able to petition for a sixth year of eligibility. Grothe's career has to be remembered for being a colossal upgrade over Pat Julmiste, which helped the Bull offense get over a big hurdle. He arguably plateaued though, and struggled at times last year with inconsistency and turnovers (no doubt aided by awful playcalling). Still, USF doesn't have much in the way of experience behind him. Behind Cincy, the Big East truly is wide open this year to all comers.

Syracuse 37, Northwestern 34. Baby steps. Helps the conference OOC, AND another black eye for the Big Ten. Awesome.

Miss. St. 15, Vanderbilt 3. Can Vandy go back to losing, and stop taking our recruiting targets?

FSU 54, BYU 28. It's official. No one knows anything. Time to throw our hands up and go home.

Auburn 41, WVU 30. Auburn may be surprisingly good this year. A rough break for West Virginia, given their early lead before Jarrett Brown's turnover implosion. At least Brown looks to be healthy, and won't miss too much time.