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In the case of teacher v. student

I think Rutgers will win tomorrow, by double digits. Unfortunately, I can't really say all that much more if I want to gather today's links and get out of here on time. The plus side is that I'll definitely make it to the game. Any upset readers can thank 287 for not cooperating at all yesterday.

Rutgers is offering a 2 for 1 ticket package for the upcoming FIU and TSU games. I'd repeat my past complaints about the schedule, but the athletic department is well aware of what's up at this point. However, Tom Luicci cites school officials as saying that FIU returned tickets. Speaking of the schedule, can anyone else confirm the details from this thread on Rivals? (Why yes, I am being extra careful about not posting the exact text of rumors in lieu of merely giving a link after yesterday.)

How bad is Howard? Florida A&M clobbered them. Don't use the transitive property on that score though, because RU clearly did call off the dogs in the second half.

Piph Prince has no regrets about not being on campus this year.

There should be week three of Brendan Prunty's podcast this afternoon, right?

Kenny Britt turns 21 tomorrow as well. It's been reported (i.e., someone could have made a mistake at a point and I'm not bothering to check) that he is the youngest player in the NFL at the moment.

Ray Rice pumps himself up for games by watching his old Rutgers highlights. Carson Palmer loves Brian Leonard (h/t: Leapin' Lou on Rivals). In what's sure to be red meat for posters on Scarlet Nation, it'll be worth watching whether Ed Johnson, a PSU alum sporting a criminal record, jumps our beloved Eric Foster on the Indianapolis depth chart after returning from his week one suspension.

Virginia defensive back Andre Simmons will announce his decision this afternoon between finalists Rutgers and BC. He's a decent prospect, with a lot of appeal because of a stellar academic record. UVA probably made a mistake in passing on him.

Eh, there's nothing much in this John Marinatto transcript from the Birmingham News.

Donations to Rutgers-NB set a new record over FY 2009. Not bad, not bad. Can't rest on their laurels though.

The new Rutgers Business School building is being looked at to help revitalize Newark.