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Week two blogpoll roundtable

Thanks to College Gameballs for the questions this week.

1. Which freshman impressed you more last weekend: the California dream Matt Barkley who quarterbacked USC over tOSU or white lightening Tate Forcier who slashed through Notre Dame? Which one would you like to have on your team? Feel free to write in another worth candidate.

I eschew your two party system! It's not a "big two" grouping of top freshman QBs, because Tom Savage was just as touted, and joins that pair in being thrown into the fire as a true freshman. Savage is the choice for a new generation. He only saw action for a half against Cincinnati, and then pummeld an awful Howard team, but he looks every bit the real deal. Savage already looks to trump his predecessor Mike Teel in terms of accuracy, decision making, and touch on his passes. Tom is the only QB I'd want; he's my quarterback.

2. Let’s play a game of pretend the unthinkable happened. Commissioner __________ of your conference has been forced to resign after he was caught canoodling with some harlots. Great news, you’ve been chosen to succeed him. To make your mark you decide to make a big change. What is it going to be?

Split the Big East in two along all-sports/basketball lines. The current setup puts far too much power in the hands of tiny programs like Providence and DePaul, whose interests are diametrically opposed to having a successful football conference. There aren't any good candidates to add as a ninth member in football for now, but I'd try to make a move as soon as possible on that front.

3. This week the quality of games is kicked up a gear. Other than your own, which game are you most looking forward to?

Tennesee/Florida. I'm not a Lane Kiffin fan, and looking forward to a 30 point margin of victory here. A sleeper matchup is USC/Washington. Jake Locker is the real deal, and I always felt that UW were massive underachievers under Ty Willingham. Could be an upset. Cincinnati/Oregon St. will be an entertaining shootout too, and probably the best matchup of the week.

4. What mascot and/or tradition would you thieve from another school if it was socially acceptable.

I know that not many will agree with me here, but I love UVA fans and their callous indifference to the actual games on the field (their students/fans infamously go to games dressed up in tuxedos and sundresses). It's wonderful; their students didn't go to a FSU for a reason. Why would you want to stamp out a tradition that makes the school unique? For sweatshirts and facepaint? The fact that the effort to homogenize UVA is led by Al Groh, awful coach and screaming taskmaster-cum-Tom Coughlin disciple seemingly put on earth to take lollipops from orphans and stomp out all of forms of dancing in a backwards midwestern town, only compound the reasons to support the dandies and their social outings.