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The Gospel According to RutgersAl

(note: as of today, Al has not responded to multiple requests for direct comment).

And for any curious observers wondering, no, Al is not an anthropomorphic talking Block R poster. Although you might not be able to tell at times.

I'd hope there's value in gaining a more clear-eyed perspective from any tough loss, but there really isn't. Venters tend to swing wildly between Al, and reaching for their scarlet-tinged razor blades. New Jerseyans tend to talk a lot, impulsively, and say a lot of things that they don't literally mean. Nevermind the flat-earthers around the country who somehow believe that Rutgers football is defined by its struggles under Terry Shea. It's irksome, but there's not much to do besides keep your head down and go about with your business. As such, there's a recent string of criticism of Greg Schiano out there, some of it accurate, but there's not much of a point in having this debate if people are going to have short memories. The exact same material was rehashed last September. I've never been much for mythmaking, or panic for that matter.

Head, meet wall. The news that Mason Robinson is out for the season, and will take a medical redshirt this season is by far the worst development to come out of Monday's loss. Robinson hadn't made much of a contribution up to this point, but was one of the most dynamic athletes on the team. I was counting on him to contribute a breakout campaign in 2009. The best case scenario is that he doesn't lose any explosiveness. Possibly taking his spot as the third down back against Howard will be the returning Kordell Young, a playmaker whose frequent injuries are exactly what Robinson should hope to avoid.

The other most distressing sign from Cincinnati? The OL play. The Bearcats were daring Natale to beat them, but there weren't any excuses for looking as below average as the line did.

Nice debut for Kenny Britt for the Titans last night, finishing with 85 yards receiving. He made a few rookie mistakes, but looked every bit the vertical threat he was on college on a huge 57 yard gain. Why yes, I am waiting with baited breath to jump on the Giants for picking Nicks. Britt is so good it hurts, with my only comfort being the emergence of Mohamed Sanu as a true freshman. KB's highlights are about 1/3 of a way through this video.

Today's the big day for CVS.

Rutgers University wants the Gateway Project to get underway as soon as possible.

Check in at 3 pm today for the second Rutgers football podcast of the year with Brendan Prunty and Greg DePalma.

Eh, wasn't really much of note in this week's Schiano show. Carlin lets in a few pointed questions, but nothing too bited. It would be nice to let fans let off a little steam as long as they don't get out of hand.

Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician is still having fun at our basketball team's expense (no one tell Sean about Red Nicholas, please.) For the record, RU/SHU is a nice little rivalry. Come on, there's even money on Gonzo pulling an Artest and choking out a fan in the stands at the RAC this year. Where else can you say that? It has to be good for something.

For the record, all of that was in reaction the announcement of the BE basketball schedules. Here's RU's.

Lots of FIU stories today, because they're squaring off with Alabama this week.