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Dead calm

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George Johnson is back at practice. With a bunch of RU coverage blowouts likely on the way this weekend in the local papers, there's not all that much to read today, beyond dueling stories on Brandon Bing. I like having the big three in action once again; it's like waking up every day in an Extreme concept album.

Logan Ryan may be the early freshman standout at corner, but don't write off Abdul Smith.

Anyway, desperately trying to get a few posts ready...

I had a chance to listen to the first Greg Schiano Show podcast of the season yesterday. I wasn't a regular listener to the radio show, so the new web format is a bit more convenient. You cut down on the long-winded callers, too. It was interesting to hear a more subdued Coach Schiano. His cadence was smoother than it is at his press conferences, and Coach wasn't uttering the word "special" every other sentence to boot. As to any substantive comments, the only bits that stood out to me were some praise for Mason Robinson, and a hint that Keith Stroud would end up third string on the receiver depth chart, which remains just as much of a mystery as ever.

I didn't send a question in, but if I did, it would have probably been out the coordinator/playcalling transition on offense. You know, there's a benefit in not having top talent at QB and WR. Sometimes you don't need to kill a fly with a missle. Watching the Giants last weekend, where their coordinator Kevin Gilbride was calling deep post routes on third and three brought back some bad recent memories for both teams. Sometimes, you just need to take the first down and live to fight another day. It goes beyond the need to keep defenses honest. There's a balance; overaggressiveness on first down almost forces you to be too predictable in a mad dash to make up lost ground. Anyway, I hope Schiano is right about the decibel levels in the new stadium...

Tom Luicci was talking Rutgers football Wednesday on a Syracuse-area radio program.

Temple HC Al Golden: "We tried to play Rutgers". Can't really give away home games to MAC teams though, even if Rutgers wants a presence in Philly. Watch out for the Owls this year though, who have a lot of high-profile NJ transfers.

Does Tiquan Underwood really count as a Mercer County pro if he's from North Brunswick? Brian Leonard has a "slight edge" in the race for Cincy's #3 tailback job. Chicago beatwriter Brad Biggs has high praise for Kevin Malast. The Jets signed a veteran TE, which isn't good news for Kevin Brock. Renkart is on the bubble for their 53 man roster.

Eric Prisbell previews the Terps in two videos for the Washington Post.

Step one in constructing the new Super Hillel (not to be confused with the also-in-the-works Super Chabad): demolishing the old Fiji house.

Economics are dictating scheduling choices in college football.

Wall Street Journal: football coaches lean to the right.