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Crunch time

A.D. Tim Pernetti says that the newly-expanded Rutgers Stadium will be fully operational for Monday. "Fully operational"? That phrase makes the stadium sound like it's a new warship or something along those lines. I actually drove by the stadium on River Road yesterday; all I could tell was that the facade at least needs more work. There will be speculation about construction until opening day gets here; there was about the new club seats last year, and that ended up working out alright, although it was a smaller project. It may take a yeoman effort around the clock over the next five days, but the cost of not getting it done in time would far exceed the costs of any additional overtime.

What's important is that everyone can safely sit in the new endzone seats. Unfortunately, it may not look as good for the television cameras on Monday as you'd hope. That's a temporary sacrifice that could end up happening. The important question, I think, is whether the logistical necessities, like concessions and bathrooms, will be ready to go. Pernetti is a no-nonsense guy, and you'd think those would fall into the definition of "fully opeational".

Damaso Munoz wants to be a steadying force in the linebacking corps.

Coach Schiano's podcast is up at I haven't had a chance to listen yet.

Projections out of Seattle have Mike Teel making the Seahawks, but Courtney Greene's situation is in jeopardy. Incumbent C.J. Wallace is entrenched on special teams, but it's hard to believe that they can't find room for Greene to groom as a starter. I'm not sure if I buy that: Greene won't make the practice squad, someone else will surely claim him.

The Ledger has a new story up about Jamaal Westerman. The Vikings released Derrick Roberson.

Woah, they ripped out the blue seats in Scott Hall. While university endowments are down across the country, RU may rise in relative rankings compared to other schools.

Could the Gator Bowl drop the ACC too (for the SEC)? As ironic as that would be, it's unlikely, and the resulting carnage probably wouldn't be good for the Big East's bowl hopes. I read about this story yesterday on Rivals. That thread also mentioned a story about the Pizza Bowl, which I wasn't able to find.

In other bowl news, the Big Ten is showing interest in any potential New York City Bowl, which would still be a long ways off. And come on, now Northwestern is interested in playing at Yankee Stadium? That concept is officially played out.