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Official depth chart released

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The whole thing is up at What stands out:

1. Brown and Sanu starting at WR isn't much of a surprise. However, the backup carousel finally stopped spinning, and your lucky selections are...Mason Robinson and Tim Wright. By my money, they're the two most talented reserves. Rutgers has deep speed at the position in spades. Do they have a reliable possession guy? You can't get by with just TEs and backs there.
2. Bayoh edged out Francis for the backup DE job.
3. Rowe is back to being listed at CB instead of FS. That elevates Khaseem Greene back into the two-deep, and presumably knocked out Brandon Jones for the time being.
4. D.C. Jefferson at backup TE? He has potential, but that's more than likely a major indictment of the team's depth. If you weren't already convinced by the need to halt the development of a top QB recruit in the first place.
5. Sanu, McCourty, and Lefeged are the returners. The team must be serious about S/T if they're risking three starters on those units.
6. Morales and Dumont end up fending off their challengers, for now.

Bines OR Vallone at DT would probably owe to Blair's uncertain status for the opener, although it'd be nice if Vallone (and LeGrand) starts asserting himself. The QB stuff isn't much of a surprise, at this point.

More Coach Schiano's presser (video), and here's the transcript. Hehe, he justies ceding the defensive coordinator role with the possibility of micromanaging all facets of the team.

"It's not like I'm not coaching. I just get to be around all three. I pick, choose, organize what I want to be watching when. I think it's been good to have more interaction with the offensive players. I always had a lot of interaction with the defensive players and the special teams, but it's hard to have interaction with all three. The second half of the year last year, I got a little more over there with the offense. I think this has been good. "

Coach is dead right about the offensive line too. They're unproven, and need to up the intensity level from last year. It's by no means a question mark, and odds are that they'll get it done, but they do have to prove it on the field.

Rutgers expects a sellout for the opener, although limited seats are still available. Per Coach Schiano, student tickets sold out after one day. Bruce Beck will hold another glorified commercial for the program this Sunday night at 11:35 pm on NBC, so that's more exposure in the City.

Next week, C. Vivian Stringer will enter the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hell yes, Pedro Sosa is now with the UFL's Las Vegas Locomotives. I think it's an absolute crime that he's not in the NFL. If Sosa proves healthy, he undoubtedly will be in a year. Las Vegas has a few familiar names with HC Jim Fassel and LB Brian Toal.

Devin McCourty is Gil Brandt's fourth ranked senior CB prospect. I've seen praise toward McCourty elsewhere along similar lines. He had a better 2008 than his brother, and I assume that scouts are excited by their top-level athleticism. As I said yesterday in the OL preview, it's probably not based on all that much, but it's interesting that the NFL likes Devin a lot when he hasn't been getting much preseason hype outside of Piscataway. Listed is kind of invalidated by the presence of USF's Jerome Murphy, who looked far too slow to stick at corner last year. Good hitter, though.

Tom Luicci was on Rivals Radio yesterday.

In case it wasn't quite clear just yet, Jamaal Westerman will make the Jets.

"He was impressive even on that last play when that guy had that big pass on us," Ryan said, referring to David Carr's 18-yard pass to Hakeem Nicks on fourth-and-24 from the Giants' 24-yard line. "He literally heard the call and he's trying to get our corner to play off and all that, like hey, he's playing - technical term - a quarter-flat technique. He knew that our corner had to be off, which says something because he's a rookie and he used to play with his hand in the dirt.

"That's what's impressive to me. So not only did he know his position, he also knew what the corner was supposed to do, and that's when you know a young man is getting it."

I want to say a little more about Westy at some point when I have the time.

Darnell Stapleton was placed on injured reserve yesterday. That's awful, awful timing. Darnell had a chance to firmly establish himself as a starter this year. Missing the season will let other young Steeler linemen make their cases to play at his expense.

Jason McCourty will get a look at KR with the Titans.