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A natural fit

Long week for me. Hopefully, I'll get a few posts (rest of the season previews) in the can over the next few days, because football season is rapidly approaching. I can announce that this blog will trade a Q&A with the Maryland blog Turtle Waxing in a few weeks, so send in any questions if you have them.

In other, far more important news, @NJ_RutgersFB spilled the beans that Aditi Kinkhabwala was at practice today. I had noticed that SNY's, which had went offline several months ago, was back up earlier this week. Are they still going to freelance out to college paper writers like Sam Hellman? Anyway, I just got in, and saw the the tweet along with its subsequent spawned thread on Rivals.

Great development though, and hopefully more details will come out over the next few days as to the specifics of her role there. I thought that SNY was an obvious choice from the start, and this would be a nice first step towards expanding and improving their Big East football and Rutgers sports coverage (by the way, Inside Rutgers Football was just on, I'll try to catch the replay at some point). They have Chris Carlin on staff, and Adam Zagoria currently covers college sports for their site, but leans more towards the basketball end. Ray Lucas is ceding some of his duties for the RU radio gig with Carlin, so they would presumably need a replacement on the college football side there. That's just speculation on my part though, as I haven't been in contact with her like a couple posters on Rivals were.