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Knightly news

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There wasn't a ton to come out of yesterday's scrimmage, and I didn't have all that much time to look over the press reports. Sorie Bayoh started at DE? This depth chart confuses the heck out of me. Especially at receiver with younger players like Tim Wright.

Keith Sargeant held a very informative chat yesterday. Interesting bits include that Rutgers expects a sellout for opening day, Antwan Lowery impressing, and the team's work on special teams.

Kenny Britt flipped his lid, in a good way. Brian Leonard apparently was on HBO's Hard Knocks last night, and a post on Rivals has the video. Eric Foster is up to 280 lbs, and getting looks at end and fullback. Darnell Stapleton could return next week.

Transfer TE Tom Lang is starting over at Rhode Island.

Gannett is laying off its Giants football beatwriter.

While checking the latest Maryland camp updates, I saw this story by Eric Prisbell about how recruiting websites are creating concerns about objectivity and NCAA violations.