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Set for the third scrimmage

Several positions are still up for grabs in today's third, and final scrimmage. Injuries to watch include Stephante Kent, Blair Bines, Marcus Witherspoon and George Johnson.

One of the media in attendance mentioned yesterday that Ka'Lial Glaud (passing Dumont) and Mike Larrow had made it into the two deep. The latter probably has at least something to do with Johnson's injury, but Larrow is one of countless standouts from the '09 class. Luicci also highlighted Civil, while the Targum favors Jamil Merrell. This is on the heels of the recent news that Beauharnais had leapfrogged players like Booker, Lane, and Carter.

Tom Luicci also mentioned Mark Harrison, the best pure athlete at the receiver position, as yet another standout. Talent may force him onto the field, but I'd prefer to redshirt Harrison, if only to get a look at players like Wright and Stroud. As we saw with the Jefferson move though, Coach Schiano is accumulating unprecedented levels of talent on his roster, and not everyone can see the field.

Rutgers football is now on the radio in Philadelphia. Keep at it, Tim. The Greg Schiano Show is moving to, so send in your questions today. No more Kenny from Wyckoff please.

Rumors that UFlorida LB Brendan Beal was considering transferring home to Rutgers: apparently not true. Making the two deep has a way of smoothing things over, I'd imagine. Strange, because I asked a Florida fan about Beal, and he told me that Beal was recovering from a major injury, and had moved to DE, which supposedly has been a bad sign for a player's progress under Urban Meyer.

WFAN audio: Jets GM Mike Tanenbaum named Jamaal Westerman (a little more than halfway through) as a pleasant rookie surprise. Near the end of NY Daily News beatwriter Rich Cimini's conversation, he mentioned that Westerman has done a far better job than Vernon Gholston in learning the OLB position. Westy had another strong game against Baltimore. has brief video interview up with Courtney Greene.

Will Brian Leonard see more receptions out of the backfield tomorrow?

West Virginia columnist Mitch Vingle speculates about the Big East talking with the Music City Bowl. No, Las Vegas isn't happening. As I said last week, Music City and Liberty are the only two remaining alternatives for the BE's #3 team that are both acceptable and realistic (New York, if it even happens, would probably just squeeze out Toronto or Birmingham or something) The upside of Liberty? Beer sales.

The search for the mythical Cincinnati Bearcats blog continues. A couple candidates: BearcatTailgater, Red & Black Pride, and Bearcat Sports Page.