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8/25 Recruiting Update

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This article on South Carolina RB Mustafa Greene doesn't have any updates as to his recruiting status, but I'm on board with any RB prospect when one of the first things I read is the sentence "Contact is Greene’s favorite part of the game".

QB commit Chas Dodd and Byrnes (S.C.) will square off with national HS football powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas (the best HS team in the country) this fall. His teammate WR Torian Richardson isn't mentioning RU.

A NPR affiliate takes a look at Piscataway (Jawaun Wynn is featured) and St. Joe's of Philadelphia as they prepare for their in-season high school football matchup at RU Stadium.

Frank Quartucci: a big teddy bear and a big softie?

DT Bjoern Werner has official visits planned to Cal, Oregon, and Maryland.

One Florida blogger likes Rutgers as a sleeper for DT Sharrif Floyd. Will he visit South Carolina?

Delaware back Malcolm Yowk is more getting offers from FCS schools at this point.

Miami speedster Corvin Lamb has Rutgers on his list. UNC and Kentucky lead for receiver O.J. Ross, even though he wants to play with teammate Ricardo Allen. South Carolina is recruiting Jeremy Deering as a slot receiver. Athlete Willis Wright claims a Rutgers offer, although I want to see additional confirmation. Does athlete James Potts have an offer? His coach only mentioned Vandy and Memphis. However, this tweet says Potts will visit. RU is supposedly following several Carol City juniors. Will RB Gio Bernard follow his brother to Oregon State? West Virginia leads for teammates S Travis Bell and RB Antwon Chisholm (why are they recruiting him?)

Stumpy shares his thoughts on several top 2011 Shore juniors.

The Hudson Report looks at Dennis McCarthy and his recruiting service. He has several comments about the '10 local class.

Watchlist: Doug Almendares, Jimmy Giansante, Forest Mason, Axel Ofori, and Chris Schmitt.