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Waiting for the first scrimmage

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It's a question I have wrestled with when writing my DL preview - will George Johnson continue to be an enigma, or finally have the breakout season he's been hinting at for the past three years? He's quoted as promising more intensity this year, and his position coach Gary Emanuel (who, as some forget, had a great track record as Purdue) agrees.

"With George being totally healthy, he looks like a different player," Emanuel said. "He had a tremendous year last year, but we’re expecting great things out of him because he has one more year of experience, and he’s healthy, and he’s getting better and improving in all areas."

Keith Sargeant writes of the new scoreboard's disproportionate largeness (with injury updates on Jonathan Freeny and Robert Joseph), and has more on the heated competition in the backfield. I'm not thrilled with Coach Schiano's anti-platoon comments. If two backs are both, by all accounts, looking strong and neck and neck for the starting job, why shouldn't they both see the field at points? Each has his own unique skills to offer in certain situations. I remember Lloyd Carr basically crippling Mike Hart in 2007 through overuse, and don't think Hart's stock tumbling into oblivion wasn't directly on Ray Rice's mind when he declared early for the NFL after that season.

Great job by Sam Hellman in breaking down the CB race. I think we're a year away from having that unit turn the corner for good. Logan Ryan has met expectations to this point.

Fanfest went about how you would have expected it.

Damaso Munoz hasn't garnered the headlines this fall of a Ryan D'Imperio, but he's generally solid, and playing a mentor to Antonio Lowery and Manny Abreu.

Rutgers Wrestling announced its 2010-2011 schedule.

Kenny Britt missed practice yesterday with an ankle injury suffered during Tennessee's first preseason game, but plans to return today. His teammate Jason McCourty is following the Knights on the web.

"I'm always online, seeing how practice went," Jason said. "They should be very good this year. They have the bulk of their defense back."

Jason is also hopeful of his brother joining him next year in the NFL.

"I think he has a very good shot," Jason said. "He's looking forward to a very big year, and with a good year, he has a very good shot."

Cincy coach Marvin Lewis won't say whether Brian Leonard will play more this week. Seattle's Jim Mora on Mike Teel:

"I thought he had real good command of the offense," Mora said. "He was pretty accurate in his throws. He made good decisions. He seemed to move the team efficiently."

NFL Draft Scout likes Devin McCourty as a prospect for next year's draft. Maybe; I don't like their track record very much, and claiming that Jerome Murphy is a burner at CB is downright laughable.