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Sanu? He's a dude.

Yes, please.

The 6-2, 215-pounder from South Brunswick was so dazzling at times that comparisons to Britt, the best receiver in school history and Rutgers' only first-round draft pick, were inevitable.

The Trentonian echoes Sanu's Dudeness. It seems like the team's three best receivers may be Timmy Brown, Mason Robinson, and Mohamed Sanu. They're all big play threats, although Sanu has some more size. Presumably, you want to complement those guys with receivers with different skills, but Sanu proved to be so good that he cracked the starting lineup on Saturday. Wow.

Receiver is a crowded, crazy situation at the moment. There's uncertainty at spots, but Coach Schiano has brought in some very talented players over the past few years, and the team's roster looks better than ever on paper. The downside? After their hot start, the team's QBs struggled on Friday, but there's no reason for Coach Schiano to jump off a bridge with Dom Natale showing poise. Tom Savage is coming along. WR Eddie Poole and TE Paul Carrezola are still on the shelf, with walk-on Tony Trahan stepping in for the latter.

Anthony Davis is already back with the first team at left tackle.

"Anthony [Davis] is a special athlete for a man of his size," Schiano said Sunday. "He has done that. He's gotten his weight back in line. He is a great competitor. You can just see his whole countenance change, now that he is back with the ones. He is ready to play."

Maybe he did Yoga with Blaze and Tim Pernetti to drop the pounds? The other intriguing contest on that side of the ball is at running back, where Jourdan Brooks is in shape, and looking to be a more complete player. He'll have to hold off Jersey Joe, and maybe Kordell Young and Rocket Williams at some point.

"This year I want to improve mostly on pass blocking and knowing my assignments to the best of my abilities," he said. "Over the years I just think I’ve gotten better at running my track and making the right cuts at the right times, so that’s definitely something that I want to continue to improve on."

On to defense, where Brandon Bing jumped ahead of Billy Anderson for a starting CB role opposite Devin McCourty, for now, and Brandon Jones is seeing more time in nickel packages with David Rowe out for a few days with a thumb injury. Freshman Darrell Givens hurt his knee on Saturday. If Charlie Noonan can give anything close to Pete Tverdov's level of production at DT, that would be tremendous. I've been waiting to hear more from LB Antonio Lowery, so it was nice to see an article on him and his brother (and the DePaolas).

There's a lot more in the transcript of Coach Schiano's presser (video) from Sunday, including injury updates, positional news (Junior Solice getting a look at FB), and as if reading my mind, comments on special teams (anyone talk with Robb Smith yet?) and George Johnson's potential.

Naturally, Ryan D'Imperio is mister popular with the media.

Jack Corcoran is the face of Rutgers Football in Atlantic City. Backup Stephante Kent also calls AC home.

The SPP/St. Joseph's (PA) game at Rutgers Stadium will be part of a double header with Piscataway squaring off with Howell.

Cincinnati is counting on their no huddle offense to wear out Rutgers in the opener. Bulletin board material?

"It makes you tired," Kelce said. "But when it makes the offense tired it also makes the defense tired, and it actually makes our job easier because we’re used to this up-paced tempo. We’re playing Rutgers on Sept. 7 and they’re not going to be ready for that. We’ll be able to punish them."

Scarlet Scuttlebutt has practice pictures up from Thursday and Friday, with supplying Saturday and Sunday ( has pictures from Fanfest and Saturday too.). Interestingly enough, even though RU fans (myself included) always crave more detail and access, Rutgers actually provides more access to practices than most programs. Surprised me too. Anyway, the superb quality of coverage over the past week was almost as big of a story in my eyes as what was happening in camp itself. None of us are happy about the "big three" shrinking to a "big two", but the survivors have done an excellent job (and frankly, the Ledger's coverage has been out of this world), and there seems to be more attention this year from other outlets too.

Er, why is the Champs Bowl making noises now about wanting Notre Dame two out of four years? That contradicts Brian Bennett's story from Friday. It may be that the Gator Bowl moving on the Big Ten hurt the conference's leverage, but I will be upset if the Big East did turn down the same deal with the Gator Bowl.

Roy Rogers is staying with the Nets? Oh well.

It was about what you would expect in Maryland's scrimmage, with the defense and running game looking strong, and the OL "shaky".

Now the Ledger is finally getting to last week's Zoffinger story.