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Preseason week 1 NFL notes

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It looks like Ray Rice and Willis McGahee will platoon this season for Baltimore.

There was a good story in the Houston Chronicle on Clark Harris over the weekend.

Seeing spot duty for the Seahawks, Mike Teel was 7/15 for 75 yards, with 1 TD and 1 INT.

Rookie quarterback Mike Teel was a bit erratic and paid the price with an interception on a pass behind Ben Obomanu, but he threw the ball well at times and showed why the Seahawks surprised some people by drafting him out of Rutgers.

Kenny Britt had a huge debut for the Titans on Saturday night. He worked well with Vince Young, to the tune of five catches for 87 yards and a TD. Britt had several first downs, and as this video shows, two big vertical plays along with a brutal block. The only drawback to the night was that he went down with a high ankle sprain. Looks like he's ok though.

The first catch was impressive, with Britt going over the middle for a big gain, without fear of taking a big hit. He's polished enough to contribute right away.

In the third quarter he ran a curl route, getting in place to free up the slot receiver. But Britt noticed how the safety moved out of position when Young started scrambling. Britt immediately ran downfield. Seconds later, Young found him wide open for the touchdown.

Beat Visitor reports on Renkart and Westerman from the Jets/Rams contest on Friday. The Jets just cut another tight end, so you'd think that Kevin Brock's chances are looking up if they don't bring a veteran in. Speaking of Westy, Keith Sargeant posted a link to Kristian Dyer's new site, which has a few quotes from Jamaal (my only nitpick being that Westerman was not a better player than Tverdov at Rutgers).

Kevin Malast also reportedly had a good game for the Bears.

Darnell Stapleton expects to return before the end of training camp.