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Rice tonight

Tim Pernetti says that the stadium expansion will be ready for Cincinnati, and more amenities are next on the football agenda.

Jourdan Brooks is an early star of camp, and giving Joe Martinek a run for his starting job. Alex Silvestro and Jonathan Freeny are taking their cues from Jamaal Westerman. Natale and D'Impaler were hurt on the same play back in the spring of 2007? Spooky.

It's interesting that, more than halfway through Sargeant's article from yesterday about Timmy Brown, is a random Marcus Cooper compliment. The defensive backfield picture is clearing up with Rowe at safety, but I have no clue about the receivers after Brown and Robinson. As if on cue, it was Quron Pratt's turn at receiver Monday.

Eh, SNY is maybe stretching just a tad with their Tom Savage/Mark Sanchez : Dom Natale/Kellen Clemens analogy. Fooch went more in depth with Dom Natale.

Kenny Britt looks "smooth", and is in the mix for the Tennessee's #3 receiver job. Surprisingly, he's also getting a look returning punts. He can clearly beat the jam in his sleep, but I'm happy to read that Britt is showing good technique catching the football. Jeff Fisher on Britt:

"The more he practices the more opportunities he's going to get and then we will begin to see the reason why we drafted him," Fisher said. "He's not having any difficulty with the system. He's getting lined up. He's doing the right things."

Ray Rice starts tonight as Baltimore meets Washington for their first preseason game. Gary Gibson starts for the Rams on Friday, which will be a home game for the Jets. At this point, L.J. Smith just wants to play. Cincy coach Marvin Lewis isn't ready to commit to a #2 RB. Mike Teel has a good arm, but is struggling under pressure to this point. Tampa coach Raheem Morris insists that, when it comes to Jeremy Zuttah, there's no such thing as being too smart.

Todd Frazier is actually getting a look at 2B. His bat will be even more valuable if he can field at the position.

UC's defense looks even thinner, with the Marcus Barnett experiment at CB ending with him shifting back to WR.

As far as bowl dominoes go, the Alamo Bowl is jumping above the Holiday Bowl in the Pac-10's pecking order. For those hoping for a bid to El Paso:

Meanwhile, Sun Bowl selection committee chairman John Folmer says he expects the El Paso bowl to assume the No. 4 position with the Pac-10.

"We don't like to get bumped out [of No. 3]," said Folmer. "But we're not shocked. Cash is king. It's the nature of the game. We've had a great ride with the Pac-10."

The Insight Bowl is another one looking to upgrade. Stay tuned, because this is the first of many, and will likely have repercussions back East in time. The Big Ten is now looking for another bowl (and the Sun, a new partner), in addition to reshuffling its present lineup.

Saw this on Rivals: the Record had more on Monday about the ethics complaint against George Zoffinger.

Gotta disagree with Jim Carty on this one; we don't know what Rich Rodriguez knew in admitting Justin Feagin to Michigan. Others programs were interested in Feagin, including the Scarlet Knights. I had not read anything about his disciplinary issues a year ago, and I hear a fair sampling of rumors about that sort of thing. I don't disagree with Carty that Rich Rod has a history of taking chances with players. That's what the situation in Morgantown dictated. He should be able to bring in the cream of the crop at Michigan (insert flame war about Rich Rod recruiting a zillion slot receivers every season at UM here, I suppose).