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Camp starts today has pictures of players arriving on yesterday. It's no surprise that so many microphones were in close proximity to Anthony Davis.

Coach Schiano spoke with the press (partial transcript's up at Scarlet Scuttlebutt), and topics of conversation included Marquis Hamm, Darrell Givens, Paul Carrezola, and Mohamed Sanu. I liked the quotes from Natale about his arm strength, and from Jabu about silencing doubters in Luicci's piece. Would have been great to have the latter in particular yesterday. Great work too in surveying the curent players as to their choices about which freshmen will contribute this year.

Hard Knocks starts on HBO Wednesday, and I'm sure we're all waiting to see if Brian Leonard gets a starring role. sees Leonard as the primary backup at tailback, and things are looking up with Kenny Watson handed his walking papers.

Here's a story that went under my radar: Gary Gibson is turning heads in St. Louis, and is seeing some action with their starters. I can't root for the Rams after giving up on Leonard, even if it would be nice to see Gibson and Spags do well.

"Gary is a workhorse,'' Spagnuolo said. "He hasn't missed a thing. He's one of those guys that is going to try not to miss anything. He's a pretty intelligent defensive lineman, so we'll see how that works out there.''

Eric Foster and Gary Brackett aren't just bound by Rutgers, but by their mutual status as undrafted free agents turned starters (video).

Nate Jones is getting a look returning kicks for the Dolphins. Tiquan Underwood has impressed for Jacksonville. Kenny Britt is expected to suit up when the Titans face Jeremy Zuttah's Bucs this week. Ray Rice does it all. Courtney Greene is getting looks on Seattle's two deep.

Don Bosco Prep was forced to move its matchup with California's De La Salle from Rutgers Stadium due to a scheduling conflict. The St. Peter's Prep/St. Joseph (PA) matchup appears to be still on.

It's not Diegnan, this time anyway: NJ State Senator Kevin O'Toole is

drafting a bill that would prohibit the use of tax dollars to help teams that don't carry the New Jersey name.

The article focuses on the three teams still playing at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, but it's easy to imagine that this bill is broad enough to target Rutgers and its athletic teams (or Seton Hall and others). I think it's absurd that New Jersey gave away nearly $400 million dollars combined to the Giants and Jets to build their new stadium, and Bruce Ratner's willful destruction of the Nets is the greatest present tragedy in professional sports. All three deserve to have targets on their backs. The proposal to bar giving the teams tax revenue is right for the wrong reasons. And speaking of one of my two least favorite people, the clock is ticking on his brazen theft.

Gov. Corzine claims that the legislature's economic stimulus plan will help out higher ed institutions by making it easier for them to enter into partnerships with private developers. If you want to decide for yourself, read sections 42-49 of the bill.