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8/11 Recruiting Update

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As was expected eventually, Piscataway receiver Jawaun Wynn pulled the trigger for Rutgers on Wednesday. Hopefully, more local verbals are to follow in the coming weeks and months. One notable quote, for those wondering about the positional status of Thomas and Tarticoff.

He also said that Schiano told him he would remain at wide receiver when he arrives at college.

"He told me I would be the only pure wide receiver in the class and that I would stay there," Wynn said. "He said they might bring in other wide receivers but they can play other positions."

Keith Sargeant has more, mostly concerning how Wynn suddenly blew up into a big recruit.

Doug Rigg has Rutgers in his top three.

"I like Rutgers mostly because of the direction they’re heading. They’re moving way uphill. They’re getting much better and really turning peoples heads. I like the way they’re doing things."

Meh, this Jarrett Darmstatter article doesn't really say anything.

Want to read a homer-rific South Carolina article that doesn't really say anything about Danny Foose beyond him wanting to take his visits to before being certain about his decision?

Foose says he is unsure of where he will ultimately take his officials but tentatively would like to go to South Carolina, Stanford, BC, Illinois, and Rutgers. His other visit this summer was to Rutgers. "We talked more about the academics this time since I've already been there before," he said.

The same site mentions Florida and Ohio State as recruiting Corey Brown the hardest.

Sharrif Floyd excelled at the recent Top Gun camp. That article also has an update on Bjoern Werner, who was also featured in a free Rivals article last week.

Virginia S Andre Simmons is still eying Rutgers. He'll decide in September.

"I think I really want to schedule one of my official visits to Rutgers and probably one to Vanderbilt," he said. "Those are two schools I’ve talked to about it already, I’m not 100% sure on who the others might be."I think I’m interested in both of those schools. Vanderbilt academically is one of the best schools and it’s in the best conference in the nation. Rutgers has great facilities and academically they are good."

All you need to know about the Rivals NJ top 30 list - only 12 players have RU offers, and the likes of Tejay Johnson Doug Rigg, and Brandon Sacco weren't even listed, among others. This might be the worst New Jersey class in a decade, but that's a profoundly awful list.

Kansas leads for DC receiver Martize Barr, who I'm not sure how hard our staff is actually pursuing. Maryland CB Louis Young decommitted from Stanford, again.

Straight from Khairi Fortt's mouth, Rutgers isn't in his top 6. Seeya. Texas DE Jackson Jeffcoat didn't name Rutgers in his top 6 either. Despite never mentioning Syracuse once, Donnie Webb hears that Dominique Easley will take an official to Syracuse. Well, that would meet Easley's goal of getting far away from his New York City home...

FL CB Devont'a Davis isn't mentioning Rutgers. Here's an article about RB Jawan Jamison that says very little. CB Cody Riggs isn't coming to Rutgers, nor is teammate CB Keion Payne. DB Johnnie Simon confirms that his offer is only verbal, hence, no board for now. Decent news on the Jeremy Deering front though.

His preference, though, is to go out-of-state, with Illinois, Purdue and Rutgers among his top choices.

Hmm...Pittsburgh safety Brandon Ifill put Rutgers in his top 3. He'll still go to Michigan, though.

ESPN conforms to common practice, assigns star ratings corresponding to their numerical recruiting grades. I'm not quite sure what to make (but lean towards skeptical, after reading this) of this story, regarding NCAA coaches paying a consultant for advice on selling their programs to prospective recruits.

Watchlist: Aaron Aiken, Sherard Cadogan, Quentin Gause, Malcolm Griggs, Brandon Hill (offer was pulled), Zach Hundertmark, Darnell Laws, Dino Mancinelli, Alec Petrocelli, Kyle Polk, Mike Quinn, and Aslam Sterling.