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Wynning days

Piscataway's Jawaun Wynn committed to the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers only needed 15 minutes to offer him.

The Trentonian posted a transcript of a decent-length interview with Coach Schiano. has a video interview up with Schiano. Adam Zagoria has comments from Coach Schiano about the competition between Dom Natale and Jabu Lovelace at QB. I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this and other pressing issues once camp starts up next week.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Gator Bowl's desperation to be involved with the Big Ten and SEC. The latter two have better options, and there's already noise about the BE and Gator Bowl talking very reasonable (re: ND 2/4 years, wasn't that the pre-2005 deal?) terms. Brett McMurphy is reading wayyyy too much into those comments. The Gator Bowl badmouths the BE at every possible opportunity, but always seem to end up back into the fold. Sean from Troy Nunes posted his ideal setup yesterday, that's probably a little too good though. (Speaking of McMurphy, he also noted that Rutgers and Cincy are, annually, the two most underrated BE teams.)

Of course, the BE is also interested in any potential bowls that might be setup in the NYC area in the future. That report from Brian Bennett has a very reassuring line in the bottom, in contrast to the articles out of Tampa earlier in the week. This sentiment is just so plainly obvious that it must have been a top priority all along.

Improving the overall lineup, which includes less-than-attractive games in Toronto and Birmingham, is at the top of Marinatto's to-do list in his first year as commissioner.

"I don't have any hesitation that we're going to be in a better position in the next cycle," he said, "because we have much more to offer this time around."

I didn't link to yesterday's Providence Journal report from media day because a line like

"If Notre Dame or Penn State, for example, knocked on our door tomorrow we’d expand in football. But we haven’t had that happen."

is old hat at this point. However, yesterday's Lenn Robbins report in the NY Post said that the Big East would be sending out feelers to Maryland and BC. They're unlikely to reciprocate the interest, although it wouldn't shock me to see BC booted out of the ACC at some point in the future. Big East coaches want another team for scheduling purposes, but like Marinatto said, there aren't any good candidates out there right now.

By the way, I haven't seen any reports about trying to poach the Liberty Bowl yet, but C-USA just signed with the Hawaii Bowl for their #2 bid.

Epiphanny Prince officially signed with an agent.

"There’s no turning back now," she said in a phone interview. "If I have any second thoughts, it’s too late."

Heh, Syracuse has to feel slighted reading Dick Weiss say that Rutgers is the best bet to capture NYC's attention, and the next logical choice, in the unlikely chance they falter, is...UConn? Well, they are a lot closer than Syracuse to the city, but I can't see New Yorkers rooting for a team in enemy territory. Storrs is located in Boston-dominated Northeast Connecticut.

Kevin Brock looked winded in his first practice at Jets camp. is one step above Bleacher Report on the credibility-o-meter, but some contributors are better than others, and one of them claims to have been attendance at Jaguars camp, and says that Tiquan Underwood has outplayed the team's two other rookie receivers to this point. Jason McCourty is one of several players getting looks returning kicks for the Titans. Courtney Greene continues to force turnovers.

A new Bob Hurley documentary will screen at the NJ Film Festival at Rutgers this fall. The film features Mike Rosario.

The Eagleton polling center at Rutgers is hoping to rebound to its former level of popularity.

Anyway, I'm chopping today's morning post into three separate ones, because it's otherwise far too big.