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Oooh...absolute must read column yesterday by Rick Malwitz about our old pal Zoff. I won't even bother quoting any text, because it's worth reading in its entiredy. Up until the events of last summer, I was a completely neutral bystander in the Mulcahy/Zoffinger feud. Mulcahy was the Rutgers A.D., but I wasn't pleased with several of his decisions. I considered the feud to be a squabble between two long-term political titans, and there was no sense in weighing in on either side. If he wanted Mulcahy's head, fine. Just don't drag Rutgers through the mud in the process. By playing dirty, Zoffinger infuriated thousands of formerly-neutral Rutgers fans. Now we're seeing the blowback of his misdeeds, leading to increased scrutiny other projects as a result.

George Zoffinger may have started the chain that eventually led to Mulcahy's firing, but "Uncle Bob" became a martyr in the process, and now the "Zoffinger" name is synonymous with lies, fraud, betrayal, and corruption in our minds. Mulcahy was cleared of all wrongdoing, and his assassin is the one with the ethics cloud hanging overhead. Let's be clear though; Zoffinger wanted the athletic director job. His daughter is an alumnus, and the head of the school's cheerleading squad. For better or worse, his actions last year had absolutely nothing to do with deeply-held convictions. They were the culmination of a long simmering personal vendetta.

Rutgers proved its commitment to maintaining a successful football program by hiring Tim Pernetti. While an A.D. position is inescapably political, Pernetti arguably does not not have Mulcahy's baggage, stemming from years in Trenton crossing paths with the Zoffingers of the world. Tim's fundraising looks more impressive to this point than the fruits of Mulcahy's decades of connections, which were the initial selling point for Bob landing the job over his rival in the first place.