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Consensus Big East preseason blog poll

Head on over to Eye of a Panther to see the results. The participants voted on how they see the conference shaking out this year, all-conference teams, and award winners. That sound you hear is the voters scrambling to guess who is the fourth best guard in the conference, or to see if they can name another punter besides Rob Long. Check back on Tuesday to see how our selections compared to the official media tally coming out of Newport.

For what it's worth, Rutgers was picked to finish fourth in conference, and received one first-place vote. Ryan and Anthony made the all-conference teams (along with other Knights) as you may have expected, but neither of them were unanimous selections.

There might be some more stuff coming up with the other BE blogs, I don't know. I won't be the one setting those up, but will be happy to participate with other things if at all possible.