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Britt signs

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According to posters on Rivals, Keith Newell said on Facebook that he's transferring to Delaware State. It's an awful shame that things didn't work out here for Keith; and this illustrates that a great deal of uncertainty exists with any incoming high school recruit. In other transfer news, Davon Smart resurfaced at Norfolk State. He'll miss out by one year a chance to come back to Rutgers Stadium as a visitor.

Also linked on Rivals: ABC's The Tom Savage story (vide0)

Kenny Britt's holdout ended after a day - the final terms were 5 years, $12+ million. It was important for him to get into camp early, but a lingering hamstring problem will have Britt on the PUP list for the next week.

Ray Rice is living up to his new nickname. Ross Tucker piles on with the praise in that article.

Rice shook free from a linebacker while running an option route and then made a spectacular one-hand catch in stride, pulling the ball into his chest and continuing to run down field with it as if nothing unique had happened at all.

All I can find on Brian Leonard is that he was tackled for a loss on two plays. Also, in a surprise, the Panthers waived Kevin Brock.

Is Roy Rogers joining Fred Hill's staff? Director of player development Danny Nee is a goner. Does that mean a current assistant shifts over there?

Ryan Neill is facing competition in his quest to hold onto his longsnapping job for the bills.

Neill didn’t miss a game as the long snapper last season and added three special teams tackles.
"Ryan’s really worked hard to be a better snapper, and he is getting better all the time," April said. "His protection and coverage are outstanding."

Rex Ryan either lovessss Jamaal Westerman, or is trying to light one hell of a fire under Vernon Gholston (btw, Renkart is working on the second team too). Ryan brought up Westy unsolicited, and he's getting looks at both LB spots.

"I'll be shocked if he doesn't make a name for himself this year," Ryan said. "He is really working good."

Toronto blogger - Quincy Douby's spot with the Raptors tenuous?

Stapes as Pittburgh's starting center - could it end up actually happening?

Darnell Stapleton, the starting right guard last season, was at center yesterday for Justin Hartwig, who has a sore toe. Trai Essex ran with the first team at right guard.

Many believe Stapleton, who played center at Rutgers, is more natural for that position, including Hampton, who plays over the center on defense.

"No question," Hampton said. "I think he can get it done.

What's up with Darrell Givens: Phil Kornblut says he's down to RU, UNC, and South Carolina; but take that information with a grain of salt, because Kornblut's info is heavily slanted towards his USCe-centric audience. I doubt that they have anywhere near a "50/50 chance" if Givens hasn't even seen their campus. Again, not putting this higher because I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but the rumor mill is swirling.

Incoming BE commissioner John Marinatto is giant, Cher-loving nerd. How about some better bowl affiliations? Newport would be the place to announce them. The Big East FB twitter account will have more details over the next few days.

Believe it or not, FIU football is going places under Mario Cristobal.

A looming nationwide trend? UCLA FB coach, A.D. agree to pay cuts. The economic crunch is even hitting FSU (which is considering ending the practice of sending its players to a hotel the night before a homergame).

At Florida State, which has seen football ticket sales dip in recent seasons amid mediocrity on the field and the difficult economic climate off it, fans can pick their own three-pack of home games. The option has led to a recent spike in ticket sales, Athletic Director Randy Spetman said, and FSU is now hoping to sell more tickets than originally projected.

Washington Post: how much excerpting is too much?