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Britt's deadline

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Tom Savage and Rocket Williams: two great tastes that already go well together.

Williams and Savage have become fast friends. Williams has already visited Savage’s home in Pennsylvania for a weekend and the two plan on rooming together in the fall.They also both have high expectations for themselves. Although they are only freshmen, Williams and Savage are more than ready to play as soon as possible and make an immediate impact.

"The big thing for me and him is that we are both high recruits and we both want the same thing as freshmen and that is to start," Williams said.

Rutgers: #34 (that's Rocket's number), on The Quad's countdown.

Coach Demo is the new HC at Hudson Catholic. Hope he can steer some players our way in the future.

Negotiations are going down to the wire with Kenny Britt, as Tennessee's training camp is set to start today. HC Jeff Fisher is still confident that a deal is in the works. Meanwhile, Ti Underwood is finally under contract. Jason McCourty is getting a head start on Kenny.

"This opportunity is something you dream about, so to actually be here is kind of like a rush," said rookie cornerback Jason McCourty. "It’s real exciting to just get out there and start practicing."

Billy Anderson was named to the Allstate/AFCA Good Works team. He's one of several Scarlet Knights involved with the Evangelical group Athletes in Action, and the link has more about Anderson's charitable works.

Of course, it's no surprise that Ray Rice is being pegged as a breakout back. Jeremy Zuttah is entering camp entrenched as a starter.

The offense never missed a beat. At 6 feet 4, 308 pounds, Zuttah has great feet and appears to be a very good fit for the new zone blocking scheme of coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

SI's Ross Tucker thinks that Darnell Stapleton's starting job is in jeopardy. Perhaps, but Stapes may also be in the mix at center depending on how everything plays out in Pittsburgh. has a new interview up with Eric Foster (ht: Stampede Blue, which also has a preview of Indy's 3-technique DT position). Video is recommended viewing, IMO. Good stuff, make sure to watch both parts.

And what about Courtney Greene, you may ask?

We like the way Courtney Greene looked. He’s a real physical guy. We want to get more physical across the board, especially in the secondary. So I think we’re going to see some good battles develop quickly.

Looks like CB commit Darrell Givens won't attend Penn State. He met NCAA minimum qualification standards, but Penn State wouldn't admit him. I wouldn't necessarily get my hopes up here regardless of any of the speculaton that's out there (that's why this item is after the jump), as he had one of the weirdest recruiting processes that of the past few years. Case in point: I wrote all of that yesterday, and word this morning is that Joe Paterno is lobbying PSU to admit Givens after all.

My reaction to Brian Bennett's three Rutgers predictions? Shrug, maybe. #3 depends on where he's projected to go.

For the completists: Fooch's interview with Coach Schiano last week. I just remembered to check, and here's the Carlin interview from SNY. Better get back to work on my previews...

Coming soon, to a Scarlet Scuttlebutt near you:

Just finished a good blog powwow at MyCentralJersey. Expect the Rutgers reporters to experiment with lots of podcasts, video, and live chats

One eye-opening tidbit I saw in this week's SI, concerning the amount of mail sent to prospective college basketball recruits (most of which goes unread, but does keep the Postal Service in business):

Gleason used a paper calculator created by the Environmental Defense Fund to estimate the environmental impact of the 135 pounds of paper used to recruit Nelson. Next he estimated the impact of the paper being sent to all Division I hoops recruits in a given year.

His computation began with the average weight of paper each college sent to Nelson, which was 2.4 pounds. Most schools send mail to at least 100 players in each class (according to three recruiters who spoke to SI) and are targeting two classes (juniors and seniors) simultaneously. If each of the 347 Division I basketball programs sends 2.4 pounds of mail annually to 200 kids, the environmental impact each year of the production of that paper, according to Gleason's analysis, would be:

• the consumption of 220 tons of wood, the equivalent of about 1,526 trees;

• greenhouse gas emissions equal to what 39 cars produce in a year, and the use of enough energy to power 32 homes for a year;

• and 167,034 pounds of solid waste, which would fill six garbage trucks, and 1,423,939 gallons of wastewater, the equivalent of two swimming pools' full.

The Times had another interesting story recently about the sleazy side of AAU basketball (h/t: Chas Rich).