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CFN is dumb, dumb, dumb

I'll leave it to mgoblog for obligatory raking over the coals, but this one is too awful to not momentarily make light of. My beef with College Football News doesn't come from the fact that they don't predict a very good season for Rutgers this fall; it's because their previews are so incoherent that I wonder how their staffers manage to dress themselves in the morning. What's clear at this point is that College Football News does not exist provide meaningful content in any form (c/c with say, NYT's "The Quad", which actually, you know, does a modicum of research before writing its previews, and their writers don't trip over ghastly errors in every paragraph). I'm convinced that the site only exists in order to profound dumbfounded reactions from blogs and message boards across the internet. Hence, I urge any curious readers NOT to click any of the links below. Save your sanity, and wait for The Quad's preview in a few days.

A brief sampling of their predictive wisdom: Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Louisville tie for fifth in conference, Rutgers has the sixth best OL in conference (good lord, and behind Pittsburgh and West Virginia), Rutgers will go 7-5 (3-4), losing to Louisville and Syracuse in the process (and at the same time, the Big East will lose every OOC game of substance), and then the surest possible sign that an analyst hasn't remotely done their homework, George Selvie as the best player in the conference and will earn Defensive POY honors. I mean, I'm the last one who should be talking about the need for editing, but I'm not getting a cent for my efforts. Come on, "Joe Legford"? Really?

This preview is so putrid that it's not even worthy of a lengthy response. Its lack of quality speaks plainly for itself. Sorry if that sounds sparse and plaintive, but it's true. I'm flabberghasted. These clowns aren't worth anyone's time. There's no sense in going to specifics to criticize random dart throwing.