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The Chosen One

Tom Savage was featured in Saturday's Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I am really anxious and doing all the work," Savage said earlier this week in a phone interview from Rutgers, where he is taking a summer course and participating in workouts with his teammates. "It's been such a long time since I committed that I'm really looking forward to getting to practice."

Paul Franklin has, well, one response to critics that recently overreached in knocking directed private donations.

I really wish these no-clue people would shut up and go away when it comes to the football program.

If you thought this post's title was about Savage, that's not the case.

Besides the explosiveness displayed by the second-year runner, the diminutive former Rutgers star’s upper body is noticeably bigger than his rookie season after spending the entire offseason in an NFL weight room.

Sporting a new tattoo emblazoned across his forearm that reads, "CHOSEN ONE," Rice also sported a Mohawk haircut during minicamps with the image of a bull shaved into the side of his head.

Good stuff there about his minicamp performances. He was compared by Baltimore's HC John Harbaugh to Brian Westbrook last year, but Rice wants to be the player that he was at Rutgers, and that means, as he would put it, running into people with his 207-lb frame. Physics and prejudices be damned. Finishing runs isn't going to be a concern.

Quincy Douby legitimately impressive in the Las Vegas summer league.

A West Virginia paper published a bare bones, nonthreatening preview of RU for this coming season, mostly focusing on the losing streak against WVU.

Stampede Blue looks at the Colts' DT rotation entering training camp, including a focus on Eric Foster.

Did Kevin Brock win a giant sword or battle axe in DeFranco's world's strongest athlete competition last weekend?

Finishing third in the event was Panthers tight end Kevin Brock, an undrafted rookie from Rutgers who looked good in camp.

What are Kevin Malast's chances with the Bears? His positional coach won't say.

Todd Frazier is on the fast track for the majors, and wouldn't mind his brother Jeff joining him up there.

RutgersAl will not back down in his eternal mission to enlighten the world about the glory that is Rutgers football.

Yowza; TexanMark has outdone himself again with the 2009 edition of his Rutgers tailgating guide.

Good news: USF is bringing back their awesome white helmets. It's only for a game though. Don't they realize that white goes with green a lot better than gold does?

Good lord is Steve Politi on a hot streak. I have been working on a post here off and on recently, about New Jersey sports, and a large portion of it mainly consists of Network-style ranting about how the Nets and Bruce Ratner keep getting a free pass from the media, based on the lame, false excuse that nobody cares. So, bravo. Bravo. I feel like the situation has finally bottomed out. The writing is on the wall, and the Nets will be free of their tyrant and safely in Newark within two years. In the mean time, if you care about this issue as much as I do, watch the trailer for the new Battle of Brooklyn documentary.

Oh yeah: I liked this post from mgoblog a few weeks back (if you're into stupid meta blogging stuff), but forgot to link it.

What exactly is the AP planning to do - charge for copying text, or charge for LINKING? Nobody knows. I actually wouldn't mind the former at all; some blogs like HuffPo and PFT are far too cavalier about lifting others' content. I've gone out of my way here to limit quoting to when it's necessary. (ht: Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician)