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Zero sum

Looking at the broad corruption sweep yesterday, it's worth remembering that back in February, I noted (in reference to the Ledger/Record consolidation), the dangers of having only 13 reporters covering the Statehouse. While there is no direct causal relationship between the two events, the decision to dramatically limit coverage will inevitably lead to future graft slipping under the radar. And how is this relevant to Rutgers? With such limited resources, how awful does it look in retrospect for two high profile Ledger staffers to have wasted months investigating the Rutgers athletic department? Every second could have been spent going after the real crooks. has some new expansion pics up.

Rick Malwitz: the economy is to blame for ticket sales. Overall premise is good, but he should have had more of an emphasis on the fact that ticket sales are actually up 15% (per Politi's article).

UNC will apparently play LSU in 2010, but UNC fans believe that the Heels are dropping South Carolina, not Rutgers. Sorry, don't have any more than that at this time.

Greg Echenique is working on his conditioning, and looking forward to a revamped lineup this fall.

Red Nicholas has a message for everyone.

"I'm not going to leave Rutgers," Nicholas said. "I have my heart set on that. I guess (coaches) can try that. But I'm not backing off from Rutgers."

Sporting News: Rutgers is #43. The Quad is about in that range too, and RU hasn't come up yet (Pitt and USF have in recent days).

Ok, now it's getting ridiculous: Yankee Stadium is interested in hosting bowl games.

Bruce Ratner is looking to cut his losses with various outside investors, but it still may not be enough to salvage the Nets' doomed move to Brooklyn. And, FINALLY, the media is taking the organization to task for becoming the laughing stock of professional basketball, with a league leading 29% drop in ticket revenue last year, and more pain likely on the way.

But employees and investors alike are getting wary over Ratner's stewardship, and there has been a significant drop in morale within the basketball and business sides of the operation.


A former employee, who requested anonymity so that he could speak candidly, put it this way: "They've really created an environment where you don't want to stay there anymore. It's gotten really bad, especially for those of us who have gone through five owners in 10 years. It's just so damn bleak."

New Jerseyans have seen what local teams can do with sound management. All you can really do at this point as hold out hope that time is on our side here.