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Back to quiet

With Roy Rogers (o/u on number of times I will confuse him with Rodney in the next year: 10,000) joining the basketball staff as an assistant, signs still point to go.

Another member of coach Lawrence Frank's staff, Roy Rogers, also is nearing a decision to join Rutgers as an assistant for more money and more security.

Rutgers basketball will be one of four teams playing in the Atlantic City Legends Classic next November.

So, Big East, any plans on getting in on the joint ACC/Big XII/Pac 10 network?

The Rams already traded the reserve they got for Brian Leonard? Grumble, grumble.

Willis McGahee won't let Ray Rice take his job without a fight.

Syracuse was notably left out of yesterday's announcements. I'm compiling this late at night so maybe I'm misreading this, but did their AD say that there were discussions about moving the SU/RU game to NYC this year? I'd have to assume that they wanted us to move a game too, which is a complete nonstarter. There's an audio transcript of the interview, but I don't particularly care to check. Interesting that Gross claims that Army wouldn't give them the same deal that Rutgers, Air Force, and BC received. The article also says that Syracuse isn't satisfied with merely giving up home games vs. Notre Dame in Giants Stadium. They want do it with USC too. And I guess we can't say a word, because it's not like Rutgers can give up a home game any time soon while trying to pay off expansion.

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Comcast users: ESPN 360 will be available starting Aug 4.

That excerpt I linked a few weeks back about Harvard's endowment crashing? Here's the full article.