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Bronx cheer

Confirming last week's reports, multiple sources are reporting that Rutgers will play Army at Yankee Stadium in 2011, with another game scheduled for the future. There will be a press conference in the Bronx on Wednesday announcing the full details, with Syracuse and BC as other likely future opponents for the Black Knights. Speaking of which, how terrible was it to see the YES Network give so much airtime to Charlie Weis last night. Heads will roll if Coach Schiano doesn't get the same treatment on Wednesday.

One other, underplayed, angle is that Rutgers is seemingly getting a better deal than Notre Dame from Army, as their game next year is considered a home game for the Domers. Anyone up for hosting RU in a "road" game at the new Giants Stadium?

Rutgers basketball doesn't have any commits for 2010 yet, but the first 2011 is on board in Andrew Nicholas.

Here's a followup on last week's Roy Rogers story in the NY Post. How bad are the Nets looking, when Rutgers basketball offers a better financial situation to coaches?

Assistant coach Brian Hill is expected to meet with Pistons officials mid-week, and assistant Roy Rogers, who handled the big-man duties this past season, is contemplating a guaranteed offer to join the Rutgers staff. Both Hill and Rogers are expected to decide by the end of the week.


Rogers has a multi-year proposal, for more money, from Rutgers to join the staff of Fred Hill, Brian's nephew.

"Thanks", Bruce Ratner, the worst owner in professional sports.

Strange story #1 of the day: Jio Fontan is returning to Fordham.

Mike Coburn thought that his stint with Team Jamaica was a positive experience.

Joe Paterno: I'm retiring, yo. And never playing Rutgers, ever.

I think we're gonna play Rutgers home and home in the future, long after I'm gone.

Kamran Joyer never made it to campus last week, signing with Louisville on Friday morning. This story is getting weirder by the day, with Joyer's dad accusing USF of trying to ruin his son's chances of signing with Louisville.

And then, there's this:

As for Joyer’s claim about scaring off Rutgers, that’s also inaccurate, said a Rutgers official.

Joyer said last week if his son didn’t sign with Louisville, he would visit Rutgers, where his father said his son had also received a scholarship offer. However, Rutgers officials said last week that Joyer had never been offered a scholarship by the school and were "stunned" to read claims by Joyer’s father in the Tribune to the contrary.

So, apparently Rutgers didn't offer? I have no idea, all I know is what has come out of Tampa on this topic.

Jim Carr approves of this NY Times piece on sports psychology. Think too much about making errors, and you'll just end up making more.

RU alum Richard Wiley wrote a letter to the editor in response to the Record's hackjob last week.

Pres. McCormick: studies show that state money invested in Rutgers pays off sixfold. That's some return. Interesting that he mentions the Livingston solar farm, which I believe is the largest of its kind on any campus in the U.S. Why isn't that fact touted more? Why doesn't Rutgers do a better job of articulating its other strong points? The op-ed is a start. Maybe I should do a longer post on this at some point; because someone needs to emphasize that the school has so many prestigious individual departments. Even when they fall short, you're just 45 minutes away from the capital of the universe. It might be impossible to talk about this without an unintuitive 2,000 word exegesis on the flawed methodology of U.S. N&WR undergraduate rankings.