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7/21 Recruiting Update

Chas Dodd (video) is still dazzling on the camp circuit. He visited last weekend with two Byrnes teammates, and committed to Rutgers this morning, over an offer from Georgia Southern. I don't think that Marcus Lattimore will end up at Rutgers. There's a chance that Torian Richardson could, but I think that it's more likely that Wynn commits, and the staff then waits on Corey Brown. If they do take more WRs (say, if some of the current commits land at DB), there are other top targets they're still involved with too.

What do I think about the commit? Dodd has the production you look for. I don't know anything about his level of competition (the Byrnes team itself is loaded this year, and they're a local powerhouse, winning the state title in 2008), but am apprehensive about his gaudy stats being a product of the spread offense (link has a detailed ESPN evaluation and more video). The reason that he isn't a bigger recruit is because he's slightly below six feet in height. Either he's another Drew Brees that was unfairly overlooked for that reason, or his size will limit him in college (less field vision, more balls tipped at the LOS, etc...) My other concern about taking a commit from a South Carolina player is that there's always a worry that an ACC or SEC team could offer. That's why my preference was for a local. If the staff thinks that Dodd is their guy, then you hope that he sticks.

Skills wise, Dodd reminds me somewhat of Greg Paulus coming out of high school. More reaction from around the web: CockyTalk posters think Rutgers got a steal, and this move could pay dividends with future Byrnes players. A poster on ThaRinger is more down on Dodd, and his description makes me think of Tom Lang.

So, there's a new Dan Foose article, or there isn't, thanks to's whims. Google cache dat.

"I guess I’ve always pushed [teammates] with my energy, showing kids how to be there early studying films, being there late to work with coaches," said Foose, who plays right guard. "This team has to learn what it takes to win. We’ve sacrificed a lot, but we have to sacrifice more. We’ve got to play at a different speed and step it up, and I think we will; it’s going to be a great year."

O.J. Ross: surprisingly high on Rutgers.

"I want to take some visits during the season for sure. I want to go see Rutgers, South Carolina, North Carolina, Purdue and maybe Texas Tech.

"The Rutgers coaches seem real cool. I have a good relationship with them. I talk with them about every week. In fact I was just watching them play today (against Navy on Direct TV).

Jawan Jamison is saying frustratingly little.

"I am not sure when I will set them up but I do know I want to visit Clemson and Rutgers for sure."

Check out the Miami Herald's preseason county and state top 25 teams for a lot of information on Rutgers targets. A teaser:

24. Marcus Thompson, RB, 6-2, 220, Boyd Anderson: A transfer from South Plantation is a punishing runner who has speed and the athletic ability to lineup on both side of the ball.

Sharrif Floyd is moving up in the Rivals 100 rankings (by the way, quicker than you can say the phrase "Joe Boisture decommitted from Boston College", his ranking fell dramatically). Will Corey Brown show up to Florida's upcoming Friday Night Lights camp? Good question. Oklahoma and Texas are battling to the death for Jackson Jeffcoat.

Travis Bell could be headed to Morgantown.

"I'm just neutral trying to see what's out there for me but I like West Virginia. I don't have any favorites necessarily but I have just West Virginia that I like. I went up there on a visit and I like their program and how they run their defense. I like the education that they have and just the people that is surrounding their program."

Bell is expected to make his decision on September 9th, his birthday.

Nope, Khairi Fortt still doesn't have Rutgers as a finalist. Neither does Robby Havenstein or Terrence Mitchell. Arie Kouandijo plans to visit Cal and Alabama. Martize Barr now is listed as having an offer on Rivals, so I'm adding him to the board. Tarean Austin is camping.

Randy Edsall doesn't care for this recruiting business, one bit.

Losing James Kittredge to Vandy is a blow. James Louis committed to Florida, or at least tried to. There are some weird rumblings floating around about whether he'll actually end up there, but he probably won't go to Rutgers. Read that second link for more on their WR board...lots of speculation floating right now with top players in the Southeast (many not on RU's radar), especially with Kadron Boone. Tyrek Cheeseboro and his awesome surname committed to Maryland. Terrence Brooks committed to FSU. Did Clive Walford have an offer before committing to Miami? It's possible, because of the Florida factor, but I dunno. Brian Vogler is expected to pick Alabama over Oklahoma tomorrow. Dakota Royer has been a PSU silent for months, and will finally go public next week.

Brandon Vitabile sounds upset that Rutgers never offered. He made a big mistake in not going to the big man camp, where there was a decent chance he could have gotten one. It's a reason not to get too hung up on rankings and offers though; those would say that Vitabile is the superior prospect, but our coaching staff makes their own evaluations, and chose "lower ranked" players. On these matters, theirs in the only opinion that matters, not some recruiting analyst. That's been a common theme the past few years, with in-state kids upset that they didn't receive offers, and I picked up on some of that last month with that Kamal Hogan video linked here.

Watchlist: Gary Acquah, Max Beaulieu, Malcolm Griggs, and Zach Hundertmark.