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Knight Pack

Tim Pernetti has announced $160 (end zone), and $200 Knight Packs that will only feature the cream of the crop from the whole schedule. There's also a $120/$150 Scarlet Pack. I expect these packages to do well, as a lot of people were probably sitting on the fence for season tickets, apprehensive about spending $350 for a full package. Texas Southern is Homecoming, but selling out FIU and Howard will depend a lot on looking good on opening day. Can't really say more until September approaches and we know the numbers.

The NY Post says that Fred Hill is interested in hiring Roy Rogers from the Nets. Is this for an administrative role, or is Craig Carter in trouble? Speaking of Hill, he's having to work with a tighter budget. has new expansion pics up.

Aditi sighting - she'll be talking Mike Teel and Courtney Greene on Saturday at 3 pm, EDT.

Gannett ran a horrific op/ed yesterday in its papers. Not only is the point incomprehensibly stupid, but it also regurgitates false information printed in the Ledger last summer, reports that were refuted by the Home News Tribune! Whoever wrote the piece couldn't even be bothered to run a cursory check of Gannett's archives (which, as you may recall, was the same jaw-dropping gaffe that the Ledger made with their Nelligan non-story). This is a major black eye for the chain, which has to this point, provided by far (meaning compared to its two chief in-state competitors, not in regard to individual journalists) the most accurate original reporting on the finances of the Rutgers athletic department.

Essence Carson showed her true Scarlet Knight colors by returning home to Paterson and speaking to young girls at a basketball camp.

Quincy Douby continues to impress in Vegas. Anthony Farmer is still waiting by the phone.

Gil Brandt says that Kevin Haslam is the 13th best senior offensive tackle prospect. However, Brandt's assessment of Haslam is awful and very inaccurate. I don't want to cannibalize my upcoming OL positional preview, but I'd pretty much say the exact opposite in all respects to what Brandt wrote.

Todd Frazier is very close to the Big Leagues (a Bleacher Report post asks if he's the next great Cincinatti Red). Casey Gaynor made the Cape Cod League All-Star team.

Is Kevin Brock the world's strongest athlete?

One update on the recent Kamran Joyer story: the Tampa Tribune has a new story on the subject, long enough that I couldn't really decide what would be the best paragraph to quote here. There are a lot of questions raised. Don't draw any conclusions in either direction from that uncertainty, but there are questions.

Anthony DePetris is the newest member of the Rutgers BoG.