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New ticket packages?

Are new ticket plans coming? I think that only so many people are willing to shell out to see the Texas Southerns of the world. Start hot though, and there could be a lot of runup sales for those games. Just a note, that article not only has some ridiculous assertions by critics of expansion in it, but also comes off as very slanted and factually incorrect at parts. It's strange, since the author wrote a very good article about the school's academics a few weeks back.

Still, there's only one way to do this project.

"This facility and this financing for this facility is how I see us financing facilities going forward … with private money,'' Pernetti said.

Fred Hill: a much more charitable man than myself. C. Vivian Stringer and staff have joined Twitter. And speaking of that infernal medium, Steve Politi approves the new recruiting lounge. So when do we get the "Pernetti walks on water" column?

Obviously, James Beatty has designs on earning a starting job this fall.

Syracuse assistant: recruiting is harder following the rise of Rutgers and UConn.

Another day, another story about projected record enrollment at Rutgers. More tuition increases are on the way, putting Rutgers among the most expensive public schools in the nation. Due to promised state funding not coming through, there is a freeze on projected salary increases, and the unions aren't happy about that. The faculty union president is making a tremendous mistake in alienating thousands of Rutgers football supporters with her ignorant and misinformed statements. That seems very counterproductive to the cause. Would it be possible to say, use Dean Kirschner as a go-between to address any lingering concerns, and show that the athletic program is not the enmy?

Apparently Jon Corzine wants to keep getting mentions here: his rumored pick for L.G.? Apprentice winner Randall Pickett, a Rutgers alumnus.

Rutgers professor: cupcakes = gentrification.