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Tim Pernetti: doin' work

So far, so good?

The Rutgers University Board of Governors will vote Tuesday morning whether to approve a privately funded, multi-million dollar recruiting lounge into football stadium expansion plans after axing the amenity last year as construction costs ballooned and fundraising sputtered.

The project was reinstated after private donors stepped forward and pledged a total of $5 million to be paid over an unspecified time, said two university sources who asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to talk about the issue before the Board of Governors votes.

I can't say precisely who is responsible for securing the private donations, but the timing does look awfully good for our new athletic director. Score another in a string of public relations coups. The only question left was regarding whether his supposed fundraising prowess would come through. Now, for the impatient, about those basketball facilities...

Sorry, posting may be otherwise light here over the coming days, as I'm swamped at the moment. Right now is a bad combination of that, and a very light trickle of news. Can the bowls start reshuffling already? I do want to get another positional preview out this week, and I also had an idea to say a bit about scouting at some point (have a mental outline, need the time to type it up, and flesh it out), along with some other assorted ideas.

edit: two alumni donors came through. One was Motorola CEO Greg Brown, the other anonymous. has a rendering up.