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This tweet can't be beat

No, I haven't decided to start tweeting.

I had a late start tonight in gathering material for tomorrow's news post. Here's one update from Greg Auman from the St. Pete Times.

Update: Former USF signee Kamran Joyer will visit Louisville on Wednesday and Rutgers on Friday and should sign this week, his father said.

That would be...strange, as USF's admissions standards are notoriously lax. Joyer was not denied admission, but he backed out of his LOI when he was unable to receive assurances that he was admitted. Numbers-wise, offensive line was the one weakness in the class of 2009. Coach Schiano admitted that he really would have liked to sign one more prospect at the position. Bringing on Joyer could help on the field, but it will certainly raise questions about the football program's admissions standards. Those may not be valid; I don't know the specifics of Joyer's situation, maybe he just was unnecessarily cautious. But it will certainly raise questions and eyebrows.

By mentioning that, I'm not trying to either stir anything up, or give the football program a free pass. Barring further knowledge of Joyer's situation, it's a question of when, and not if, admitting him would bring more scrutiny, warranted or not.

One further factor that may be at play: it could just be that USF's team APR is so low that they are being unnecessarily risk averse at this point. They had to receive a waiver from sanctions this year. As one of the top teams there, it could just be that Joyer is fine, and Rutgers can afford to roll the dice, knowing their top notch academic support staff is in place.

edit: more from Brett McMurphy, on his visit to Louisville:

Jack Joyer, Kamran's father, said if his son "likes it, he'll sign there [Wednesday]. I'd say it's probably 99 percent," Jack Joyer added. "He wants to make sure he likes the coaches and they like him."