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Knightly News

Stewart Mandel spoke with the new Big East commissioner John Marinatto last week. Not really buying the enthusiasm for a 16 team league...

Not super noteworthy: Greg Schiano told Jordan Thomas and his coach that he's not going anywhere, any time soon.

The main writer is hung up on Tiquan Underwood.

Two stories I saw but forgot to link last week: Anthony Farmer is exploring his opportunities for playing overseas. ZAGSBLOG had a few quotes from Bob Hurley speculating about Mike Rosario's pro aspirations. That's probably not realistic, but just unnerving enough for any Rutgers basketball fans.

The Record: adding James Beatty should mean playing at a quicker tempo next season.

Quincy Douby is trying to make a name for himself in the Vegas Summer League.

Todd Frazier has a long swing, and loves fast food.

The Star-Ledger's knives are now turning on the NJSEA and Xanadu.

Coming soon: a five dollar monthly surchage to read the New York Times online. Rest assured, other media companies are itching to follow their lead. As two of the largest, Gannett and Advance will be among the first to dip their toes in the pool. I had preferred bundling these services at an ISP level, but costs are likely too prohibitive.

Work is set to begin on the new New Brunswick SuperChabad facility. Which is different from the new SuperHillel.