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Obama not coming

Brian Bennett spoke with Devin McCourty Wednesday on the topic of offseason workouts. notes the parallels between Mike Teel and Matt Hasselbeck. Spooky (not really). Teel also was the subject of another recent article.

The Star News posted a Q&A with James Beatty.

Paramus football has to be pleased with its recent showing in the Schiano Shootout.

There were reports that Quincy Douby could be headed to Memphis, but he's staying in Toronto for now.

WNYC gets down to the important questions, like whether or not Barack Obama will visit the Grease Trucks. However, due to unexpected demand, the event was moved to the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel. Let me get this straight - 52,000 signed up, and only 17,500 can get tickets. Is it possible to halt construction for a day, and pack everyone into Rutgers Stadium? Maybe the organizers weren't counting on an event of that size, but if Corzine's campaign does want to energize voter turnout, moving the event is a mistake.

USF season tickets are down 18.6%.

The George Street Reconstruction Project starts next week. Fresh produce is coming to New Brunswick, finally.

New Jersey Newsroom looks at why so many New Jersey students go to college out of state.

Bob Braun makes some good points in his latest column, but misses the mark in calling for more state oversight of higher education. That's not going to help wasteful spending and patronage; it will exacerbate those problems. The state should not be imposing new regulations when funding has dropped precipitously in recent years.

Gaze into Xanadu's future: North Arlington taxpayers are on the hook for repaying EnCap.