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Mike Rosario scored 54 points, hitting 18 of 29 shots, to lead Puerto Rico to a 90-89 victory over France at the U-19 championships in New Zealand. And to answer the question about whether I was going to post about this sooner: nope. Following Rosario and Coburn in international play is an interesting distraction, especially if you're big into RU basketball, but so was the Barn League when that was around. They're not crucial developments. On Monday, the American team held him to 11 points in a 21-point victory.

We super, duper mean it this team: James Beatty is coming to Rutgers.

Rutgers checks in at #37 on the Rivals 120 countdown.

Brian Leonard is determined to remain active with the upstate New York community through his camps.

"I want the kids to see me around," he said. "I don't want to be one of those guys that have their name on the camp and come by, say hello and take pictures with the kids and then leave. I want to be here every day and hanging out with the kids and teach them what I know.

A writer for projects Leonard as second on Cincinnati's depth chart at tailback.

Kevin Brock thinks that the work habits he learned at Rutgers serve him well as he prepares for his first NFL training camp.

"It's familiar territory," he said. "You come in and you've got to work your way up. As a walk-on, you definitely have to earn your keep. You have to show the coaches that you can make plays and that you can be an asset to the offense. It's the same way here."

C.V.S. and Pat Summit will square off once again this winter at the Maggie Dixon classic.

Fanhouse: Why the Rutgers-UCLA Series Is Good News for College Football: agree with the gist of it, slightly ticked off at the popular perception of Rutgers expressed there and elsewhere. The past few years have been fruitful and featured steady progress as far as the long term future of the program is concerned. The 2006 season built on five years of effort, and sustaining that level on a yearly basis requires doing things the right way. No quick fixes, no smoke and mirrors. has new pictures up as of yesterday.

Nationwide, newspaper operating profits are drastically down...but they're largely still profitable? However, I didn't see anything in that article about debt, and that's the real killer.