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Rivalry of the century

Eric Foster's one goal for the upcoming season: sack the quarterback. I'm a little skeeved at the analysts who question Foster's ability to even make the Colts this year. Darnell Stapleton is facing similar skepticism in Pittsburgh, even if he did have a poor Super Bowl.

Kenny Britt's older sister is a photojournalist with the military in Iraq, so it was poignant for her to meet Jeff Fisher on the USO NFL Coaches tour of Iraq. Wow, she looks a LOT like Kenny.

Beat Visitor: Tom Savage has it easy.

Todd Frazier is making the Southern League all-star team. He's been red hot since a slow April, and could be on the fast track to Cincinnati by September. As of July 4th, Jaren Matthews was batting .302/.431/.472 in the wooden bat Cape Cod League. That will enhance his pro prospects for next year for sure.

I don't know what Bocce is beyond its Wikipedia entry, but some members of the Rutgers football team played it in a tournament to raise money for troops.

The two wrestling Scotts, Goodale and Winston, will be at the South Jersey Wrestling Clinic in Paulsboro over the next few days.

For some reason, Syracuse fans are up in arms over a meaningless Pat Forde column about college basketball rivalries. The best revenge? Not caring.

Go get your Obama tickets for the 16th if you are so inclined.

The NJSEA is losing money, hand over fist.

Overall, the Sports Authority is essentially running at a deficit -- projecting a $3.1 million loss that is only being offset by $15 million in temporary payments from Xanadu, the financially troubled entertainment and retail complex being built by private investors that stands unfinished alongside the New Jersey Turnpike adjacent to the Izod Center arena. That infusion will not last. Most of the money received by the Sports Authority from Xanadu -- $160 million -- has now been spent, with only about $15 million left to offset future budget shortfalls.