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Good news/bad news

Rutgers and UCLA have finalized a series! Unfortunately, it will not occur until 2016/2017.

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated this week has, in the letters section, a comment from one Joseph G. Susan Jr. of Princeton, New Jersey. He wasn't writing in regards to Rutgers though; rather, it was a response to SI's recent feature on the death of former Delaware quarterback Jeff Komlo. And what did Susan say? You'll have to visit the SI Vault to find out.

Mike Fladell failed his physical, and the Jets turned around and waived him. Calvin Pace was also suspended for four games, which could help Jamaal Westerman's chances of making the roster. has an interview up with Eric Foster (video). He comes off very well, personally and as a representative of the Rutgers program.

Kenny Britt is a back flip expert (watch those hammies, K). Once again, Britt contributes positively to society, unlike that shameless grifter Hakeem Nicks. From that same Topps shoot, I also found this month old video interview.

Lots of great stuff at Beat Visitor lately; the cover of Life Magazine on the week of the 1929 stock market crash had a drawing of a woman with a Rutgers penant.

ZAGSBLOG has your updates on Mike Rosario and Team Puerto Rico. The women's BB team is involved in the Jimmy V Classic again.

Bigeast-fans previewed the Rutgers QB position entering fall camp.

Will the NCAA ever grow regulatory teeth? (Or is it content to focus on harassing the Jeremy Blooms of the world?)

"Do we really want to spend 40 hours a week on telephone calls to recruits, and two hours a month on vehicle registration?" asked Kate Hickey, a senior associate athletic director at Rutgers. "I'm not sure. I think there could be some changes to help us best spend our time."

Clemson, WSU among many athletic departments under financial stress (ht: Dr. Saturday).

Facing rising tuition, students are starting to balk at mandatory athletic fees.

New Jersey is joining 45 other states in a suit to overturn the federal ban on sports betting. If everyone's getting involved, that reduces the chances that the NCAA will retaliate by barring NJ from hosting tournament games.