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It's an election year

Pres. Barack Obama will be visiting the Rutgers campus on July 16th to campaign for Governor Corzine. Two thoughts:

1. I will be very, very disappointed in you all if at least one person can't get Obama to pose for a picture in a Block R cap. Preferably, while shaking Coach Schiano's hand. I already have Michael Moore, Wayne Rooney, and Hugo Chavez on my RU BINGO card, and just need one more square to win.

2. More important, substance-wise, will be an opportunity to hammer Corzine about the funding issue. He's trailing Chris Christie in the polls as of now, and isn't even bothering with subtlety in inviting Obama on to a college campus, with an eye on basking in his popularity. He will need that to run up margins on college campuses and in urban areas. It is an election year, so maybe Rutgers can finagle some sort of promise at a time when Corzine is not very inclined to say "no".