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Jets can't get enough

Brian Leonard won't just be hanging around Jersey for his football camp (and weighs in on Joe Martinek).

Leonard will spend the weeks before training camp working out at Rutgers, alongside fellow Scarlet Knight alums and NFL players Darnell Stapleton (Pittsburgh), Jeremy Zuttah (Tampa Bay) and Kevin Malast (Chicago).

"That's what Coach Schiano wanted," Leonard said. "Coach remembers the days back in Miami, when all the NFL players used to come back and the college players got to see how the NFL guys work out and where they could be in the future."

Beat Visitor likes that the student section is moving to the end zone.

The Jets claimed Mike Fladell.

And James Beatty is a Scarlet Knight. I'm beyond caring at this point.

Ray Rice has switched agents.

Ryan Hart has filed suit against EA Sports for using his likeness without permission.

There's no specific RU info to report, but all NFL rookies were required to attend the annual Rookie Symposium.

College funding woes are becoming the rule, not the exception: now Harvard is taking a hit.