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6/30 Recruiting Update

Camp tally, so far: commits #4 and #5 are in the bag in linemen Jorge Vicioso (Passaic), and Frank Quartucci (Hamilton). Possibly more are to come. Nothing wrong with camp offers in June, or even sending them out after a big senior year. You worry when new offers go out on signing day in February.

We still need one more offensive lineman. Topping the list is Dan Foose, and if he is giving quotes like:

Rutgers: "I've visited them a bunch of times. I really like the people there and the weight room. They have a good thing going and its close to home. The coaches are great and they have some great stuff down there."

Then you have to feel confident. He's still planning a few more visits before pulling the trigger.

Staten Island Live spoke with Dominique Easley recently.

A decision on a school is not imminent, but over the summer Easley and Gambardella are planning on narrowing the list of likely destinations to five or six so that the distractions don't get out of hand when the fall contact period arrives.

Of the big New York state prospects this year, Easley (from our home turf), and athlete Jordan Thomas (near Binghamton upstate) are the only two left. So, what about those rumors that Rutgers had suddenly jumped ahead with Easley? Even if they're true, he's still trying to keep everything under wraps for now.

When asked about a rumored upcoming commitment to Rutgers, Easley responded with one word.


Corey Brown accepted an invite to the Under Armour all star game on Thursday. Khairi Fortt was planning to visit Rutgers on Sunday, and right now is favoring PSU and UNC.

Have to say that I'm surprised that Bosco lineman Brandon Sacco committed to Pitt instead of Rutgers over the weekend. Their assistant Jeff Hafley has made inroads in New Jersey this year. Panther fans were melting down a few weeks ago over losing two legacy recruits to PSU, but they're making up those losses out of state. It just goes to show that recruiting fortunes can change in an instant.

There was also bad news with Joe Brennan; his profiles don't show Rutgers as a finalist now. Even with Savage on board, I think that it was important to bring in another QB, if only for recruiting purposes. On one hand, you'd hope that we're the ones who backed off, but it makes me look foolish for harping on the importance of signing a QB so much. And the alternative (Brennan saying no to RU) would be worse.

And speaking of recruiting analysts posting bogus info, all of the apologia from the past week is null and void: T.J. Clemmings is not committed to anyone.

Malcolm Yowk recently visited Stanford and Delaware, and wants to stop by Rutgers soon.

Is Arie Kouandijo higher on Rutgers after his visit?

OL Arie Kouandjio (6-6 314) of Hyattsville, MD says he is not ruling out any schools, including USC. "I would definitely consider them," he said. "I don't have any favorites. Kouandjio has over 25 offers and recently picked up two more from Auburn and Notre Dame. The Gamecocks have also offered. He has visited Rutgers and West Virginia this summer and say he liked both. "I liked specific things about both schools. I was just thankful that they would have me at their schools," said Kouandjio. He has not planned any other visits and says he doesn't plan ahead, he lets "life take the steering wheel." As a junior, he says he had over 100 pancake blocks.

Then, there's Jacksonville tailback Jawan Jamison.

Bolles running back Jawan Jamison is taking the recruiting process for his services slowly, but his offer list is beefing up. Jamison, who has been rated as a three-star prospect by, has received scholarship offers from Clemson, Rutgers and Wake Forest among the interested schools.

"I don't have any leaders right now," Jamison said. "Everything is up in the air."

I'm not really feeling Lorenzo Waters. O.J. Ross loves Florida, but they're unlikely to offer, so we could be players. You guys love your Jackson Jeffcoat updates, even though there's no chance at all that he'll seriously consider Rutgers. So here's another: his sister committed to Oklahoma for basketball. Gio Bernard didn't name RU as a finalist. Terrence Mitchell and Tarean Austin (no offer?) have new offers. Hmmm... Malcolm Bunche apparently didn't qualify. I concur: Josh Furman's dreads and goggles are awesome.

Even though Scout's DB says Eddie Sullivan has an offer, articles and the Rivals DB contradicted that, and now he says that he doesn't, so off he goes. Just to reiterate: the recruiting board is not 100% accurate, and when in doubt I will err towards providing more information. There are players on the board who I am certain don't have written offers, and others who likely don't have offers at all.

TE Blake Barker committed to Stanford. Lineman Daquan Jones committed to PSU. DC end Javarie Johnson committed to Miami. Harrisburg receiver Salath Williams committed to Pitt. New name Malcolm Cater is now a Syracuse verbal.

Watchlist: Jamal Allen, Shilique Calhoun, Zach Greenwald, Malcolm Griggs, Tyler Johnson, Ross Krautman, Wayne Morgan, Rashaun Smith, Matt Stokes, Michael Strauss, Dante Weaver, and Jawaun Wynn.