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Summer session

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St. Peter's Prep emerged victorious from the 7 on 7 Schiano Shootout on Saturday. Lots of big name juniors on that squad.

Tim Pernetti was interviewed on News 12 last night. I haven't been able to find a clip or transcript on their website, but a post on Rivals has a summary.

Beat Visitor has an entertaining excerpt up from the Targum's account of the first Rutgers-Princeton game in 1869.

There's not much new information in the Orlando Sentinel's summary of the challenges facing incoming BE commissioner John Marinatto. posted new expansion pictures on Thursday.

Mark Harrison missed the CT/RI Governor's Cup with a groin injury, but he made it to Rutgers on Sunday along with the other incoming freshmen. The Connecticut Post named Harrison of one of its two athletes of the year.

Will the Titans play Kenny Britt right away?

"Really, you have to know what everybody is doing on this level," said Britt, who has been slowed by hamstring tightness this summer. "You can’t just know what you’re doing, in case they want to put you in a different spot."

One other note: the Jaguars trading away Dennis Northcutt increases Underwood's chances of making that roster.

The Quad previews Maryland.

The Record has a nice article today that does a fair, even-handed job of weighing the strengths and weaknesses of Rutgers on the academic side.

"It’s the largest enrollment in the history of the university," said Courtney McAnuff, admissions director. "And we plan to add 400 additional students a year for the next few years."

On Thursday, the RU Board of Governors added two new members.

In the six months since launching Rutgers Against Hunger, the organization has raised $49k and and collected 20 tons of food.

Pres. Richard McCormick wrote an op-ed yesterday about funding science research.

The Statehouse approved their proposed budget on Thursday. Things will be even dicier a year from now.