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One year later

Bleed Scarlet (I wish I had thought of a better name) started one year ago, today.


I've learned a lot here in the past year, and like to think that my newer posts have improved to merely cringe-inducing instead of total rubbish. Traffic is up, especially during the lean offseason. It's difficult to grow through word of mouth, especially when writing on a topic with a limited audience.

Several people have asked on occasion about any future plans for the site, when it comes to design, advertising, affiliation, or other things of that sort. The free Wordpress platform is convenient and is packed with useful features, but it's very limited in terms of customizability. I have considered my options here, but it hasn't been a high priority to this point. For further information on the topic, check out this post from mgoblog last week, where Brian Cook gives his customarily excellent take on the viability of these and related issues.

On that note, I owe Brian a ton of gratitude for advice, a spot on the Blogpoll despite not meeting its eligbility criteria, and sending a ton of traffic my way with a link back in February. Additional thanks go out to the local press blogs for linking to the site (which, it goes without saying, would not be possible without quoting their content), and any loyal readers who have linked entries around the web. Similarly, I want to thank the Fifth Down, Football Outsiders, Pitt Blather, Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician, and the many, countless others who have been kind enough to help in ways, no matter how large or small, despite no direct incentive to do so.

Most of all, I am sincerely grateful to any readers that enjoy the site enough to continue visiting. Thanks for your support, and I can only wish that any future discussion here meets the high standards that the Rutgers football program deserves.