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I've been nominally following the developments with Brooklyn's Lance Stephenson over the past several months. His recruiting saga is getting stranger and stranger, as no team seemingly wants anything to do with him at this point. Naturally, there's inclination to think something along the lines of "we plainly need help, he needs a team, wouldn't this be a nice marriage of convenience?" There hasn't been any reputable information to link Lance to Rutgers though, and while the narrative makes for an interesting yarn, it's not very plausible.

Now, LFBall recently posted that he thinks Rutgers or Seton Hall should make a play for Stephenson. My thought here is that he's a good player, and I wouldn't be upset if Fred Hill and co. decided to pursue him, but it doesn't seem to be worth the headache that would inevitably follow. Is he going to be the next Carmelo Anthony? Even landing a bid to the NCAA tournament would be a herculean task. Positionally, Rutgers actually has some talent on the wing. Now, if he was a point guard, I'd be singing a different tune.