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Kiwi trip

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Next on the slate is New Zealand for Mike Rosario and Jio Fontan.

Dennis Dodd predicts Rutgers to win the Big East this fall. Matt Hayes from The Sporting News says that Anthony Davis is the best passblocker in the country.

Robert Joseph played in the NYC/Long Island Empire Challenge on Tuesday. Five Boro Sports liveblogged the event. has video from Ray Rice day. If you want more mohawked Ray, he recently filmed a segment for the NFL Network giving a tour of Baltimore's facilities.

Jason McCourty has agreed to terms with the Tennessee Titans. A Tennessean columnist bemoans the fact that Britt has missed time nursing his hamstring. He may be back soon though.

Rookie wide receiver Kenny Britt made a few catches during the individual portion of practice, but was held out of the team session because of a lingering hamstring issue. Fisher said he expected Britt to be able to fully participate on Wednesday.

"He’s just trying to get over the hump. His hamstring is just tight and sore. We don’t want to set him back," Fisher said. "Over the weekend he benefited from the rest, but he just got tight, so we backed him down."

"He’s not frustrated. If there is frustration is just a lack of participation just because he’s dealing with the hamstring. When he’s been out there he’s picked things up, he’s made the plays we need to see him make. I think mentally he understands what to do, its just having an opportunity to do it."

OTAs are over, but that doesn't mean that Mike Teel and Courtney Greene have time to relax in Seattle.