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That's three

Dueling Chris Fonti stories last week both implied that he was ready to commit to Rutgers.

"Rutgers does stand out to me right now," Fonti explained. "I like that they’re so close to home and the coaching staff is great. Coach Kyle Flood is a great guy. I like the way he teaches players. He is very hands on with you and communicates in a way that is easy to understand and then execute."

And Fonti didn't even bother waiting for camp, committing on Monday afternoon. That's two offensive linemen down, two or three to go. Hope for some more good news over the next week.

You might not be impressed by his lack of "stars" or high profile offers, but neither is worth getting hung up on. Fonti plays a position that is, by far, the biggest need in the class of 2010. Most importantly, the staff identified him early as a player worth offering, and they took his commit in June. Recruiting is important and shouldn't be discounted, but my opinion has always been that you have to trust the Rutgers coaching staff to make good evaluations, because they have a track record at this point of finding and developing student athletes. If they get the players that they want, that's good enough for me. There's a chance that we'll see verbals next week that come out of nowhere.

You might have seen this by now, but there was an interesting story over the weekend about how the University of Miami fell under Larry Coker. The recruiting sites said that they were signing the best classes in the county, but they proceeded to not win very many games. The central idea of that article is that Miami started chasing stars, letting the necessary grunt work in the film room fall by the wayside. Now, I think the article is slanted to an extent. Some of that was a failure in development as much as it was in evaluation. But we see every year that a team like UConn can win with players that Rivals and Scout never had in their databases. Rutgers hardly meets that extreme, but the coaching staff does a respectable job finding sleepers every year, and likewise they sometimes don't offer players who do well with regards to rankings or offers. Put it this way: would you rather "win" signing day, or win a bowl game?