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Where's the synergy?

Verizon's announcement that it will be airing several Rutgers women's basketball and non-revenue sports on its new FiOS1 network is a small, but positive development.

However, when thinking about strategies to better utilize multimedia for the purposes of promotion and generating revenue, I have a few thoughts and questions.

FiOS is not currently available in my area (Verizon has traditionally lagged behind Comcast near here). so I'm not familiar with certain aspects and features. Does FiOS (I'm under the impression that it's Verizon's new fiber optic offering that provides video and internet service) have its own version of Comcast's video on demand service? If so, is it realistic to work towards some kind of cable/FiOS video on demand service? Tim Pernetti has vowed towards offering video on demand and live events on the internet with Knightvision.

On that note, I'm surprised that there isn't some sort of content arrangement with Comcast to offer video on demand through their digital cable boxes. Comcast owns half of SNY (and surprisingly, they don't have VoD offerings, they are probably the ones dropping the ball up to this point), and they're the local television broadcast partner for Rutgers and the Big East conference. You might not be able to put full games on there because of rights issues, but what about This Week in Rutgers football, highlights packages, and non-revenue sports?

All of Mr. Pernetti's statements on this topic have been to the effect that, as a former CSTV executive, it's one of his top priorities. I'm looking forward to reading more details when they are announced.